Etsy SEO 2024: +16 Tips to Find Your Customers

Etsy is easy to use, caters well to niche markets, and the Etsy Community makes the platform more conducive even for beginners. These factors make your quest to score more sales easier, but none trample Etsy SEO.

Etsy SEO 2024: +16 Tips to Find Your Customers

Imagine tapping into billions of active customers globally; that’s what Etsy offers. The e-commerce giant reported over 85 billion active buyers in the first quarter of 2024. You can tap into such a vast customer base as you start or strive to grow your e-commerce venture.

What Is Etsy SEO?

Seo Etsy entails the process of optimizing shop listings. The optimization aims at increasing your listings’ ranking and discoverability. Etsy SEO, helps your shop and listings rank better on the search engine results page, which wins more eyeballs and drives traffic to your shop that can be converted into active customers.

Seo for Etsy ultimate goal is to drive more sales, hence the need to pay more attention to it as you set up your shop and device marketing strategies. The first step is as you work to rise to the top is understanding what influences the ranking criteria and employing practical Etsy SEO tips to improve your listings. 


Etsy SEO Ranking Criteria

Like search engines, Etsy search ranking aims to display items that match user needs. This means displaying the best listings first to make it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for. Etsy SEO ranking criteria consider factors including:

  • Relevance
  • Recency
  • The quality score of a listing
  • User experience score
  • Shipping costs
  • Shoppers’ habits
  • Language

If your listing is the most relevant, recent, and converts well, and your shop offers a great user experience and friendlier shipping terms, you are likely to make it on top of the Etsy search results. It feels like an insurmountable task, right? Well, it could prove easier than you anticipate once you adopt certain seo tips Etsy. Herein, we’ll look at some proven Etsy SEO tips to increase your product ranking on the platform.

Find a Creative Store Name

You’ve probably thought your Etsy shop name through, striving to make it memorable, descriptive, and different from the rest. That’s a great starting point, but have you considered its impact on your Etsy SEO?

Your shop’s name can boost SEO, including popping up in generic product searches. Creatively conveying your business description in the short title can help your SEO than simply looking for a fancy name. Sure, the fancy name may help provoke emotion, but how good is it if it won’t improve your discoverability?

The Etsy shop name is like the physical entrance to a brick-and-mortar store. It is the first thing buyers see, meaning you need a clear and concise name. While on it, adopt a descriptive name that communicates what you sell, making it easier for the Etsy search tool to find and rank your shop. This includes using keywords associated with your products that people are likely to use in their search.

Discover Keywords for Your Products 

Etsy keyword research is among the most crucial bits of Etsy SEO. You can use various keyword research tools to ease the process and ensure you target the best keywords. Keywords tell search engines what your listing is about. The research helps uncover the keywords users are using or more likely to use. This tells you which keywords to target, which makes it easier to provide content that ranks better.

Roketfy Keywords Research for SEO Etsy helps tailor a content strategy that makes it easier for potential customers to find your shop. Your shop’s discoverability improves, meaning you’ll capture more traffic to your listings and secure more sales.

When on keywords, their use can’t be ignored. Certain keywords tend to be a favorite among many Etsy sellers. These are often short and catchy keywords, but you shouldn’t stop there. A gem that’s often overlooked is the long-tail keywords.

Keywords like jewelry are competitive since they’re general. You can gain an edge by turning it into a more specific keyword. You can achieve this by using long-tail keywords. For instance, you can use a more descriptive keyword like silver earrings for women instead of the short jewelry keyword.

Long-tail keywords may demand more work, but they are easier to rank. The Etsy search tool also has an easier time determining the relevancy of your listing per user searches, which translates to better ranking. Moreover, considering their descriptive nature, long-tail keywords can drive more traffic to your shop since most Etsy buyers know what they are looking for, and the specifics make the search easier.

Be Artist-like in Titles and Descriptions 

Titles and descriptions help shoppers quickly find a product as they browse through the search results. You want descriptive titles and descriptions that stand out from your competitors, which is a good thing. But how about more than captivating the shoppers?

Besides being salesy in your titles and descriptions, think about the search engines. Etsy search tool considers the keywords and content to establish relevance. You can gain a ranking edge by front-loading the titles and descriptions.

Front-loading means ensuring the first few words of the titles and descriptions are the most important keywords. Besides being the first words shoppers see in search results, such a strategy also enhances your ranking.

Ranking higher and attracting more shoppers to click on the listing because of the powerful keywords can significantly improve your Etsy sales. Just remember not to be spammy. Use the most relevant keywords that will help rank better and direct shoppers to the right products. This means you won’t have a high bounce rate as users find products relevant to their search. This improves user experience, which is among the Etsy search tool ranking factors.

Detailed, informative, persuasive, and engaging product descriptions are a no-brainer for every Etsy seller. You need compelling descriptions that showcase your products’ features, uses, and benefits. This doesn’t mean you should discount keywords uses.

Go for a mix of clarity and creativity, strategically incorporating relevant keywords throughout the descriptions. Again, spamming should be avoided at all costs. You must naturally include the keywords to ensure the content provides value.

Shoppers tend to frown at descriptions that come out as salesy. They want reliable information that helps them make a sound decision, not a pushy advert. Compelling descriptions using quality content keep shoppers hooked to your shop. The longer they stay in your shop, the easier it is to convert them into buying customers.

The lower bounce rate is also a vote of confidence that the Etsy search tool considers when ranking your shop and products. Relevant keywords and quality content is the base of SEO, which is the same when working on seo for Etsy.   

Reach More Potential Customers Using Tags 

You may only focus more on the mandatory listing title, description, and category tags. However, your Etsy SEO is much better if you go beyond this requirement. Etsy provides 13 tags, and you should utilize them all.

Utilizing all tags provides an excellent chance to use various synonyms users are likely to search. This expands your pool and helps improve ranking since the Etsy search tool gathers more information to place your listing.

The Etsy SEO tips here is more than just filling all the tags, though. You need to be creative. Sure, it is a lot of work, but using diverse and relevant keywords and mixing short and long-tail keywords does wonders. You’ll capture different search queries, improving your listings’ relevancy and Etys ranking.

Tags are a resourceful way of pumping more keywords into your Etsy listing. You also should regularly update the tags. For instance, you can update them based on customer behavior or trends, keeping your listings fresh and captivating.

While on tags, remember to choose the right categories and attributes. Accurate categories and attributes help the Etsy algorithm better understand the listings. This means you rank better and show your products to the right audience, driving more sales.

Also, while it seems like a lot of work, ensure you use variations. Using almost similar tags won’t do your listings any good. Use keyword variations and Etsy’s variation features such as product color, size, and options. This improves ranking and discoverability for different user search queries. 

Make and Decorate Your Photos Perfect 

High-quality images are among the most talked about Etsy SEO tips. it is not without considerable merits considering how eye-catching quality photos are, which makes it easier to attract shoppers quickly.

Don’t just focus on flashy images, though. You can achieve much more than an eye-catching impact with the images. Detailed images showing different angles can communicate more about your product’s features, uses, and benefits. This way, you’ll gain more clicks and improve conversion rates.

The clicks tell the Etsy algorithm that your listing is relevant. As more shoppers interact and buy your product, you enjoy a better ranking. Besides the images, also pay attention to their descriptions. Use keywords in their titles and descriptions to improve seo Etsy further.

Make Regular Listings That Means Timeliness

Did you know that newer Etsy listings enjoy a slight rank boost? This helps new sellers or products on the platform reach more shoppers, which is among the winning reasons more sellers turn to Etsy.

Regular updates allow you to use the boost to your advantage, even for older listings. However, you must be careful not to come out as trying to manipulate the Etsy algorithm for better ranking. The trick is to update the listings with valuable content.

For instance, you can update the listings following Roketfy’s product research input. The research helps you update the listing with more relevant content per evolving user trends and consumption behaviors, like top-selling days. This means you offer more value with the updates, not simply making the changes for the listing to seem newer on the Etsy search tool.

Regular updates can be draining, but not with solutions like Roketfy AI writer. The tool provides a detailed analysis of current market trends and keywords. It then delivers recommendations you can use to generate Etsy SEO-friendly descriptions. This way, you’ll keep up with the market trends and rank better by regularly updating your listings with helpful content without spending too much time. 

Tell Your Etsy Store’s Story

The About section and shop announcement lets you provide more information about your shop and listings. It is a chance to creatively tell your story and announce any special offers you may be running. Don’t get carried away and forget Etsy SEO while on it; you can creatively use keywords with a personal touch that tells buyers more about what your shop is all about.

The announcements and about section is another excellent chance to target those short and long-tail keywords that charge your Etsy SEO efforts. The trick here is to:

  • Focus and write content aligned with your target market
  • Use a simple and clear message
  • Incorporate important SEO keywords
  • Ensure the first sentences carry the most important information
  • Make the descriptions relevant
  • Encourage shoppers to take action
  • Include a clear call to action (CTA)

Such tips and tricks can help turn the About and Announcement sections into an Etsy SEO powerhouse, improving your discoverability.

State Your Store’s Policies Transparently

Etsy seo ranking considers your shop policies, mainly the shipping aspects. Clearly defining policies like payment options, shipping details, returns, and exchanges helps improve your ranking. Reasonable shipping costs and accurate delivery times improve your shop’s search visibility and reputation.

Even without seo etsy in mind, such policies help improve your shop’s transparency. This improves customer experience and satisfaction and helps build credibility and trust. This means you’ll capture more repeat customers, which is a vote of confidence that further helps improve your Etsy ranking.

Build Links to Tell the Etsy Algorithm You’re Trustworthy

Seo for Etsy isn’t limited to what you do on the platform. You can realize much more by expanding your wings to other areas, like starting a blog, guest blogging, submitting the Etsy shop to online directories, and participating in forums.

Inbound links are among the most notable votes of confidence that can turn your SEO around. They tell search engines that your listings are trustworthy and popular. Link building takes time, which means patience is essential. Nonetheless, the long-term SEO benefits make it a worthy addition to your strategy.

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social signals are a huge SEO ranking factor, which can also help your Etsy SEO quests. Social media platforms like TikTok can create a buzz around your Etsy shop. This can help drive more traffic to your shop. Organic traffic usually carries more qualified leads, so you’ll enjoy higher conversion rates.

A great way to supercharge your social media Etsy SEO quests is working with influencers. Influencers have a huge following. The influencers’ influence over the followers means they can easily tip the traffic in your shop’s favor. The Etsy SEO tip here is to pick influencers best aligned with your offerings.

It would be better to work with an influencer with 100,000 followers interested in your products than one with millions who are hardly into what you sell. Besides the alignment, also ensure you partner with reputable influencers. The influencer’s image will leak into your shop. They can ruin your shop’s reputation if a controversial or negative image characterizes them.

Get More Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are critical in the modern e-commerce world. Customers can hardly purchase a product before browsing through user ratings and testimonials. Besides showcasing your products as useful, the reviews enhance your Etsy SEO efforts.

Securing more reviews entails providing customers with an unmatched experience. Happy customers easily leave reviews. Besides encouraging customers to leave reviews, you need to track and analyze them and see what buyers say about your shop and products.

Positive reviews drive more traffic and sales and signal to the Etsy search tool that your shop is trustworthy. This results in better ranking, which means you’ll have an easier time driving more traffic to your shop and winning more sales.

Use Ads in Etsy

Certain Etsy shops deal with highly-competitive keywords considering their listings. It is difficult to rank better organically for such keywords. This is where Etsy ads come in handy, especially for sellers dealing with items that have higher prices. Newer shops also have more to benefit from ads. They gain more visibility and a better chance to secure more reviews faster.

Etsy ads can help your listings show up higher on Etsy search results, helping you improve your SEO quests. The higher ranking is a chance to secure more customers by investing more in other areas that keep them returning and leaving positive reviews. Even after opting out of the ads, you’ll be better positioned since you’ll have gained some loyal customers who keep coming back and show the Etsy search algorithm that you are a reliable shop.

Onsite Etsy ads are great for newer businesses. If you’ve already established yourself on the platform, you can go a notch higher and invest in offsite Etsy ads. This helps bring in more traffic beyond Etsy searches. More traffic to your shop improves your quality score, contributing to your Etsy ranking.

Be Patient and Don’t Cause Demoralization

Etsy SEO is not a one-and-done thing. It is an ongoing process. You could be on top of the ranking today, but if you drop the ball, you can quickly plummet far from the top 100 search results. Etsy SEO best practices keep changing, and so does the algorithm. This means you must stay alert to keep up with the trends.

Staying on your toes means you’ll quickly adapt to the latest trends and maintain or improve your ranking. This means monitoring your shop’s performance, analyzing what’s working, and adjusting areas that aren’t doing well.

After you’ve invested heavily in the above tips and feel you’ve done what it takes to rank higher, you might still not notice considerable changes. That’s fine, though; SEO takes time. Patience may not be your strong suit, but it is necessary. You’ll eventually start to notice changes. You only need to track performance and see if there are areas you may have failed to optimize, adjust, and keep the process on track.

Be Present in Communities with Etsy Sellers

One aspect that sellers overlook is the power of the Etsy community. Actively engaging with other sellers on Etsy forums, discussions, and teams may not seem like a great SEO measure. Nonetheless, participation can help raise your profile within the Etsy community and, in return, position your shop as a reputable source.

It May Be Good to Seek Professional Support in the Beginning

SEO is no cakewalk, even on friendlier platforms like Etsy. It takes continuous adjustments to ensure your strategies are up to date. The process also takes considerable work and could consume more time than you can comfortably set aside.

While it might not be on top of your mind, among the easier ways to quickly increase your ranking of products on Etsy is to turn to professional services. The professionals know more about the best tools for Etsy SEO. They’ve also mastered many aspects that can help fast-track your Etsy SEO strategy development.

You don’t have to relinquish all the control. You can partner with or consult a professional to hold your hand, especially when only getting started or stuck on certain concepts.

Use Etsy SEO Tools 

SEO tools are at the heart of a successful strategy, and it is not any different with Etsy SEO. The right tools address your pain points, including automating those mundane yet critical aspects like keyword research. You’ll find an extensive pool of Etsy SEO tools, each with innovative features that ease your efforts to rank better. Etsy SEO tools can help with aspects like:

  • Keywords research and analysis to help pick the best in your category, including low-competition keywords
  • Keyword tracking to help you find out which are performing better for individual products and shop
  • Roketfy competitor analysis to help you keep up with the trends and leverage the gaps for better ranking
  • Roketfy Listing checker and optimization tips including title, tags, descriptions, and images optimization
  • Rank tracking to see what could be tanking your SEO efforts for the shop and individual listings
  • Analytics that help you track your performance, making it easier to establish areas that need some improvements

You can use a combination of various Etsy SEO tools, supercharging your efforts to rank better and secure a continuous stream of buyers.


It is necessary to bring too many chains together to optimize the seo status for Etsy. First, it is necessary to understand well what Etsy seo is and pay attention to the criteria of etsy seo. Please note that you need to act like an artist on Etsy. Because your customers who want to buy products come to find special products on Etsy.

With Roketfy, you can improve your Etsy SEO and discover the best ideas to sell.