Discover the Best-Selling Items on Etsy in 2024

Are you an enthusiast or seller looking to explore what the top selling Etsy items are? Dive deep into the world of the most popular items on Etsy and uncover the best-selling ones that are taking the online marketplace by storm in 2024.

Discover the Best-Selling Items on Etsy

Whether you’re an avid shopper or a seller seeking inspiration, these sought-after creations are your ticket to success. From home and living to clothing and accessories, we’ve got you covered with a roundup of the most searched items on Etsy.

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Now let’s get started on the list of what sells best on Etsy. You may add any of these items to your collection for more sales:

Home and Living:

Home and living items are number one on our list of the most popular items on Etsy. These encompass items like:

  • Printable wall art. 
  • Decorative cushions. 
  • Candle holders.  
  • Furniture.  
  • Candles.  
  • Clocks. 
  • Wallpaper.  
  • Vases. 
  • Mugs.  
  • Rugs. 
  • Picture frames.

Home is where the heart is, and sellers have mastered transforming houses into cozy havens. These top selling items on Etsy are in high demand because of their stunning one-of-a-kind uniqueness. Using Roketfy’s tools could be the secret sauce to help you optimize your listings for these coveted home and living products.

Handmade Accessories: 

These  most popular items on Etsy are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, sunglasses, hats, bags, scarves.

Accessories have, for a long time, been statement-makers for both men and women. And having them handmade becomes the cherry on top of the cake!

Here, you can get earrings that dangle with personality, necklaces that tell stories, and scarves that add an artistic flair. These best-selling items on Etsy allow shoppers to get these creations no matter their location. 

Clothing and Shoes:

The clothing and shoes category is among the most profitable and  most popular items on Etsy. 

You can get a variety from this marketplace. From elegant dresses to versatile shirts and comfortable tights for the gym! Let’s explore more of this sartorial wonderland with clothing items and stylish shoes.

Dresses, Shirts, pants, and skirts: 

Etsy’s collection encompasses vintage-inspired to contemporary chic clothing. These are the ones with intricate patterns or those made with artistic methods like tie-dye.

These garments transcend trends, fitting into buyers’ timeless and diverse tastes. With a focus on quality fabrics and unique designs, sellers bring forth creations that are more than just garments. Each piece is an expression of individuality. As a seller, understanding the nuances of silhouettes and styles can guide you in curating a collection that resonates with those seeking fashionable elegance.


Shoes here are just as captivating as other best-selling items on Etsy. Online shoppers seek shoes that make a statement, from comfy sneakers to chic boots. Sellers distribute men’s, women’s, and kids’ footwear in plenty of styles and functionalities. All sports, official, and casual footwear emphasize both aesthetics and comfort.

As a seller, you may use Roketfy’s tools to spotlight the uniqueness of your shoe designs through their descriptions. Do this and see how your footwear sales will significantly elevate.


Sellers on this platform never limit their creativity to clothing but take it to offices, lecture halls, and classrooms. The stationery category stands out as one of the most popular items on etsy and a haven of artistic expression and practicality. Because of the unreplicated jewels you can get here, stationary is also on top of the list of the most searched items on Etsy. 

Since stationery is a broad category, here are some of the top selling Etsy items in this segment.


Planners have become more than just tools for organizing schedules; they’re a statement of personal style. Etsy’s top selling planners blend functionality with aesthetic appeal in a world moving towards a more organized and efficient way of living. 

The designs you get on this platform range from minimalist elegance to vibrant creativity. You can get planners on self-development, career advancement, wedding checklists, etc.

Sellers, take note of the diverse preferences and trends within this category as you curate your listings.

Notebooks and Journals: 

There’s something magical about putting pen to paper. For instance, jotting down tasks helps you remember better, and you get a hit of dopamine by ticking an item off every task.

Shoppers indulge in this sentiment by flocking to notebooks and journals. Etsy’s best-selling notebooks range from blank pages to guided journals. This category caters to sketch artists, writers, researchers, and mums looking for scribbling books for their kids. 

Journaling is therapeutic; noting such in your descriptions using the AI Writer could award you a new clientele.

Greeting Cards: 

Despite living in a digitalized world, who wouldn’t appreciate a greeting card in person?

Etsy’s top selling greeting cards accords every buyer a personalized sentiment nothing else can’t duplicate. These unique creations convey emotions, celebrate milestones, and spread joy in a way that goes beyond words. 

For Etsy business owners, it’s essential to tap into the power of emotions in marketing. Offer cards that capture the essence of various occasions. This provides buyers with the perfect sentiments to share.

Craft Supplies: 

Regarding the most searched items on Etsy, craft supplies hold a special place in the hearts of buyers and sellers. The previous categories highlighted items already made, but this one offers the buyer a chance to make whatever they wish!

Let’s unravel the colorful world of craft supplies in the marketplace.


Yarn, a simple yet unique craft supply, opens doors for the most interesting artistic creations. They make mats, blankets, and even cute baby clothes and shoes. This becomes a source of inspiration for countless artisans. 

Etsy’s top selling yarn offerings cater to a spectrum of projects. Hand-dyed varieties with unique color palettes are a favorite among buyers seeking exclusivity. 


Second on the list of craft supplies are fabrics. Fabrics are a tailor and fashion designer’s best canvas to bring 2D drawings to life. 

The fabric selection spans traditional, oriental, stripped, and contemporary, with patterns ranging from nostalgic to avant-garde. Quilters, sewists, and textile artists find their muse within this category. 

As a seller, you can make your listings stand out with vibrant visuals and detailed descriptions. These guidelines should encompass the composition of the fabric in terms of what they possess. For instance, mentioning the cotton percentage of a piece will help a creative decipher if the fabric is indeed what they need for their next creation. 

When you help buyers visualize the masterpieces they can create with your fabrics, they stick around and invite more!

Beads and Buttons: 

Have you ever worn your best shirt and noticed a button missing?

If so, worry not, as buttons and beads are among the top selling Etsy items.

Beads and buttons are tiny treasures that add the last glimmer of class to a garment. These adorning creations with intricate details add a personalized charm. 

Jewellery makers and garment designers gather in masses on this platform’s array of beads and buttons. When you highlight the versatility of your offerings – whether it’s vintage-inspired buttons or handcrafted beads – you effectively guide buyers.

Needles and Thread: 

Every craftsperson knows the value of quality tools, and needles and thread are the unsung heroes of the crafting world. Whether it’s precision sewing, delicate embroidery, or intricate stitching, these supplies are the backbone of creative projects. 

Buyers seek durable and reliable options to bring their visions to life. 

Glue and Glitter:

Regarding glue and glitter, elementary teachers and educators assemble here!

When it’s time for your child to add a touch of magic to a school project, glue and glitter are a must. These supplies offer adhesion and aesthetic appeal to any written or drawn creation. 

Whether card-making, scrapbooking, or DIY crafts, shoppers search for quality adhesives and sparkling accents. When you emphasize the ease of use and the transformative power of glue and glitter, you capture the attention of those looking to infuse brilliance into their creations.

Gift Wrap and Stickers: 

We all love receiving gifts! It makes us feel appreciated and loved. Hence, gift wrappings and stickers are yet another crafty best items to sell on Etsy.

Gifting without beautiful packaging is boring, and sellers here understand this well. Gift wraps and stickers available on Etsy transform ordinary presents into exquisite parcels. 

The trends in this category showcase a desire for unique and customizable packaging options. Whether it’s eco-friendly wraps, personalized stickers, or themed embellishments, these items are sought after to make gifts even more special. 

Using the competitor Analysis tool, you can explore ways to make your packaging offerings stand out better than your competitors. If you capture the attention of gift-givers and recipients alike, you win in this game of selling on Etsy.

Everything Drinks

Best items to sell on Etsy cover every nook and cranny of life, including everything drinks.

In this collection of the most searched items on Etsy, we have:

  • Drinks and barware.
  • Drink stirrers.
  • Drink menus.
  • Drink glasses.
  • Drink toppers.
  • Drink tags.
  • Drink signs.

This entire best items to sell on Etsy’s collection opens doors for event planners and other creatives to elevate the drink section of the event. This collection of meticulously crafted items isn’t just about beverages; it’s about embracing creativity and elevating every aspect of life. As you explore this collection, let your imagination flow, and your events flourish with the essence of creativity and craftsmanship.

How To Utilize Roketfy Tools to Sell the Best-Selling Items on Etsy in 2024

Finally, mastering the art of distributing what the best items to sell on Etsy requires creativity and strategic prowess. 

Roketfy’s suite of tools serves as your guiding light, providing a treasure trove of insights to fuel your success. Whether you’re delving into the world of home and living or craft supplies, Roketfy’s tools are your trusted companions. 

You can optimize your best items to sell on Etsy listings with the Listing Checker and uncover trending opportunities with Product Research. Navigate customer sentiments with AI Reviews and craft compelling responses and content with the AI Writer. Keyword Research highlights the powerful phrases to use, and you stay ahead of the curve with Competitor Analysis. Everything you need, Rocketry has!

As you embark on your journey to sell the most sought-after items on Etsy in 2024, let Roketfy’s tools be your key to unlocking success. Elevate your strategies, amplify your sales, and realize your Etsy dreams with Roketfy’s empowering insights.

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