How to Add Variations to Etsy Listings and Optimize Them?

Etsy is a great e-commerce platform sellers can leverage to tap into millions of qualified leads globally. It is a go-to for buyers looking for unique items, but it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically secure more sales by simply listing your products. You still need to invest in Etsy SEO for better shop and product ranking, easing your quest to capture eyeballs and win more sales. Among the areas you should pay more attention to is Etsy variation.

How to Add Variations to Etsy Listings?

Etsy Variation Listing

If you sell a product with variants, such as size, color, or style, Etsy variation listing is a must-consider. For example, if you sell jeans, you can use the variation Etsy feature to help buyers easily find what they want by listing the variants in different sizes and styles, such as with/without pockets and different colors.

Etsy variations offer buyers a smooth shopping experience. It also helps improve your products’ discoverability, and the best part is that adding Etsy variation is a straightforward process.

How to Add Variations on Etsy

You can add Etsy variations when listing your products or later. Here are the steps involved:

For a new listing, go to the Listings page, select the category, and on the attributes section, choose I offer more than one attribute. From there, the steps to add Etsy variations are similar to that of an existing listing, as highlighted below.

  • On the Etsy dashboard, click the Listings
  • Select the listing you want to add variations to
  • Scroll down to the Variations, and click Add Variations for a dropdown menu
  • On the dropdown menu, select the Etsy variation you want to add
  • Go to the Variation type and choose the option you want to add. If it is not available from the custom options, select Create a new Variation at the bottom
  • You can also add Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) numbers, quantity, and price to the Etsy variations by selecting the relevant corresponding boxes
  • Once done, click Save

How to Add Variations on Etsy For Digital Product

Etsy digital products are categorized into two; Made-to-order and instant downloads. You can’t add variations to your digital products.

How Many Variations Can You Have on Etsy?

Are you wondering how to add more than 2 variations on Etsy? While you only get two Etsy variation listings, you can add more within the allowed options. You can combine two options and utilize the personalization box for more variations.

The main point of the Etsy variation listing is combining the variants under one listing. This is because it wouldn’t be practical to list each variant as an independent product, considering the buyers’ journey.

Nonetheless, creating so many variations could overwhelm the buyer, hence the need to add a reasonable number. Such a number doesn’t require customers to search more to find a particular product or be confused and frustrated by the many variations they have to browse.

Etsy variation is a great way to enhance your product listing ranking and offer a streamlined shopping experience. The feature also saves you more time since you won’t have to create multiple listings of the same products to cover all the variations you offer. Nonetheless, you must optimize Etsy variation listing to realize notable results. Here are a few proven Etsy variation optimization tips to get you going.

10 Etsy Variations Optimization Tips

1.  Descriptive and concise title

You need a descriptive yet clear title to help shoppers know what your product is about within the shortest time possible. If users can scan through the variations and understand what you are offering, they are likely to click on the product, unlike options that leave them hanging.

You can use Roketfy’s listing checker to see how good your titles are and areas you should improve. For instance, the title could be too short and missing vital keywords. With the listing checker feature, you can revise and optimize such aspects, ensuring the title is descriptive and relevant, which will help improve your listing Etsy ranking.

2.  The right keywords

Keywords are invaluable in Etsy SEO. They help ensure that your Etsy variation listings utilize words users are more likely to use during their search. This helps improve your listings’ discoverability, translating to more sales.

Keyword research can be challenging, especially as you strive to keep up with the trends and ever-evolving user preferences. You can simplify the process by leveraging Roketfy’s keyword research feature to uncover accurate and most frequently used keywords aligned to your products.

3.  Comprehensive descriptions

Descriptions build on your titles, providing users with more product information. Writing comprehensive and engaging Etsy variation listings is demanding. Roketfy AI writer feature provides an innovative solution, allowing you to create SEO-optimized descriptions quickly. This feature saves time while ensuring you consistently use optimized Etsy variation descriptions to rank better and improve conversion rates.

4.  Visual appeal

If you use low-quality photos, buyers can take one look at your product and bounce. Your images must exude the quality and value your products offer. Well-lit and professionally-looking photos capture the eye and can be used to communicate the Etsy variations features like color.

Look at the background, resolution, angles, and lighting, among other notable photo aspects that determine their quality. Top-quality photos are a surefire way to capture and attract more buyers to your products, which improves your lead generation and conversion rates.

5.  Clear pricing

How do the Etsy variations affect the price? Different sizes could mean varying prices, which should be clear to the buyers as they browse the listings. Transparent pricing eliminates confusion. Clarity also counts towards Etsy shop honesty, which improves customer experience. Better customer experience is among the notable ranking factors that impact your progress as you work to become a star seller on Etsy.

6.  Analyze the competitors

Competitor analysis helps you learn why they may be doing better than you. It’s also a chance to establish areas they aren’t paying attention to, which can potentially improve your Etsy variations’ performance.

Roketfy’s competitor analysis feature provides in-depth information, including top keywords and the number of listings. This makes establishing areas you can take advantage of and get the most out of Etsy variation listing easier.

7.  Bundle them up

Etsy product research ensures you invest in listings that are likely to generate more sales. Among the creative ways to use product research data is bundling your Etsy variation listings. You can bundle up Etsy variations in a way that appeals more to your target buyers.

Roketfy’s product research feature helps ensure you employ comprehensive data. This includes estimated sales volumes and top-selling seasons, which can help you bundle the right variations that offer value to the buyers, resulting in more sales.

8.  Promotions and discounts

Discounting certain Etsy variations can drive more sales and profits. This is more so when you creatively bundle the variations, such as to promote underperforming variations. Creating coupon codes on Etsy is not overly challenging. Promotions and discounts that offer value are hardly resistible. Once you optimize such offers with power words, you’ll attract more buyers to the variations and improve profitability.

9.  Leverage top selling points

Roketfy’s product research feature doesn’t lose value once you’ve established what to sell on Etsy. You need to keep an eye on your listings’ performance. This way, you’ll know which variations appeal the most to your target customers. You can then highlight the top performers and devise a strategy to improve their ranking, including measures like investing in Etsy ads. This way, you’ll attract more buyers and secure significant sales.

10. Look into reviews and ratings

User reviews, and ratings are critical in the modern digital marketplace. They help create and improve reputation and brand credibility. Besides this, they are a goldmine of actionable information. As you look for more information to enhance your Etsy variations, leveraging the user input can’t be discounted.

You can quickly gain an in-depth view of your user reviews through Roketfy’s AI reviews. The feature saves you time since you won’t have to manually go through user reviews to paint a vivid image of their experience with your variations and what they want. With the information, you can proactively implement changes and optimize Etsy variations to meet user expectations.

Final Thoughts

Etsy variation listing is a great way to make your listings more appealing. It also lets you include more relevant information and keywords in your listing. This makes it easier for shoppers to find your listings and make an informed decision, which helps drive more and repeat business to your Etsy shop.

You can take your Etsy variations listing to the next level with Roketfy’s innovative features. From product and keyword research, listing checker, AI writer, and competitor and user reviews analysis, Roketfy arms you with all the tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage all your Etsy listings needs. Reach out to us for more information on Etsy variation listings, or signup today and use Roketfy’s innovative features.