Etsy Fee & Profit Calculator

This calculator helps you save money and increase profits by determining selling prices for your products.

Etsy Offsite Ads Fee
Revenue Cost Listing Fee Transaction Fee Processing Fee Offsite Ads fee Total cost Profit
$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Etsy privacy policy

Does Etsy Have a Monthly Fee?

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There is no fee to have an Etsy shop (other than the product listing fees) but you can choose to pay a monthly subscription fee for Etsy Plus.

Etsy Plus subscription costs $10.00 per month (plus tax) and offers the following benefits: Credits for listings and Etsy Ads on Etsy, access to a discount on a custom web address for your Etsy shop, restock requests for shoppers who want to buy items that have sold out, advanced shop customization options, and discounts on custom packaging and promotional materials.

Can I Pay Etsy Fees with PayPal?

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Yes, absolutely. Etsy understands the financial needs of sellers, so you can seamlessly pay your Etsy fees with PayPal. Etsy provides great flexibility when it comes to managing finances; you can link your PayPal account directly to your Etsy shop and manage finances efficiently with convenient payment methods.

What Are Etsy Fees?

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Think of Etsy fees as your "rent" to show your art to an international marketplace like Etsy. These costs encompass various charges associated with running an Etsy store. Etsy fees vary based on various components of your selling journey, from listing fees and transaction costs to transaction processing fees and payment processing fees, and even offsite ads fees for certain sellers. Being aware of each component will help manage and maximize profits at your store efficiently. Etsy fees include various elements throughout your operation. Listing fees cover upfront costs associated with listing art for sale on Etsy Marketplace while transaction costs represent fees you would encounter operating a physical storefront.

Are Etsy Fees Tax Deductible?

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Etsy fees often qualify for tax deductions. As you examine all aspects of your Etsy enterprise and identify eligible expenses - like store fees - seek professional guidance to ensure accurate deduction procedures are undertaken. Consulting a tax professional ensures you follow proper deduction procedures, increasing potential deductions while remaining compliant with regulations. Not only can this maximize tax benefits; but consulting one can also assist in making informed decisions for the financial health of your Etsy enterprise.

What Is the Etsy Listing Fee?

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Etsy Listing Fee ensures your item remains visible to potential buyers even if its listing doesn’t produce immediate sales, drawing visitors regardless of the outcome and becoming part of Etsy’s vast marketplace. An Etsy listing fee is a cost associated with listing new items to your store on Etsy - this small charge reserves a place on their marketplace so your item remains visible to potential buyers if your listing doesn’t sell immediately. Remember, this fee still applies regardless of its outcome. And even if you deactivate the listing, if you do not delete it, the listing fee will be charged.

What Are Etsy Payment Processing Fees?

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Once it is time for you to collect your earnings, payment processing fees appear. Etsy deducts a percentage from each sale, including item cost, shipping expenses, and any taxes applicable as payment processing fees by country to ensure a secure and seamless process for both sellers and their customers alike.

What Is the Etsy Offsite Ads Fee?

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For those participating in Etsy’s offsite ads program, an additional fee may apply when customers click offsite ads that lead back to your shop and complete purchases within 30 days - an investment to increase visibility that should be planned into your budget accordingly. The 30-day time frame allows for direct correlations between offsite ads exposure and conversion rate, creating an obvious direct relationship between investment and outcome.

Offsite advertising fees are determined by the revenue you’ve made on Etsy in the past 365 days:

  • Etsy shops with sales under $10,000 USD are charged a 15% fee for orders attributed to Offsite Ads.
  • Etsy shops that make at least $10,000 USD, they will get a discounted fee of 12%.

Offsite advertising fees will never exceed $100 USD for an order attributed to an Offsite Ad, regardless of the order total.

Do Etsy fees vary by target market or seller location?

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Yes, they do! Etsy’s fees may fluctuate based on both target market and seller location - any adjustments for location-specific adjustments must be considered so your business remains accurate in regards to both financial planning and pricing accuracy. Etsy’s approach of tailoring fees based on target market and seller location shows its commitment to adaptability and fairness; sellers should embrace this understanding as part of their Etsy journey to navigate its diverse global marketplace with confidence and ease.

Listing charges and transaction deduction fees shouldn’t be seen as impediments but opportunities; Etsy fees represent essential costs necessary to showcase creativity to an international audience. With your newfound knowledge, you are now better suited to navigate the complexities of Etsy fees. Each fee plays an essential part in maintaining an efficient marketplace environment that encourages safety and welcome for both buyers and sellers.