How to Get More Reviews on Etsy

Tapping into Etsy’s extensive user base is a wise business move, especially if you sell unique products. While your products are guaranteed to attract qualified leads on the platform, success is not inevitable. You still have to work and strategically position your Etsy shop, secure more sales, and keep customers returning for more.

Reviews on Etsy

Accumulating Etsy reviews is among the measures you should pay more attention to in your quest to become a star seller. But why concern yourself with Etsy reviews while you have much to do, including ensuring you consistently offer quality products and improve Etsy SEO?

Why Are Etsy Reviews Important?

Before online shopping became the norm, consumers relied on strategies like word-of-mouth recommendations to make sound purchase decisions. Today, online reviews and ratings act much like word-of-mouth input. They provide social proof, meaning Etsy reviews significantly impact buyers’ decisions. Among the notable Etsy review contributions that make them critical include:

  • Build trust and credibility: Although you sell unique products, other sellers on Etsy offer such offerings. Millions of sellers are on the platform, and buyers need confidence before choosing your shop. Etsy reviews and ratings help users gauge your shop’s reputation. If you’ve many positive reviews, shoppers are likelier to trust and buy from your shop.
  • Boost Etsy SEO: Optimizing your shop and listings is critical for discoverability. Etsy SEO measures help you rank better. Etsy reviews play a role in search ranking since user experience score is among the ranking factors. The better you rank, the easier it is to gain more clicks and potential sales. This is more so with the added credibility from the positive Etsy reviews that reinforce the quality of your products.
  • Attract more customers: You want to build a solid brand identity on Etsy and stand out. That’s a great start, but recognition is only profitable when complemented by a good reputation. Etsy reviews, especially for new shops, help build a good reputation, making attracting more customers easier.
  • Continuous improvements: Etsy reviews can help you spot areas you need to improve to meet or exceed buyers’ expectations. You can leverage the innovative Roketfy’s AI reviews feature to understand the reviews, including the sentiments. This is without spending considerable time going through all the Etsy reviews, saving you time.

Once you understand what users truly need from your listings, you can proactively make changes. This results in better user experience and satisfaction rates, which will help drive more sales and get many positive Etsy reviews.

Etsy reviews offer notable benefits that can help improve your shop’s success rate. Taking your time to get more Etsy reviews can boost your sales, continuously improve your products, and keep attracting new customers while encouraging repeat purchases from the existing user base. So, how do you get positive Etsy reviews and reap such benefits?

7 Ways to Get Great Etsy Reviews

Securing more positive Etsy reviews revolves around the shop’s experience. This means you should focus on creating a positive shopping experience, which touches on aspects including:

Product Quality

What are the best products to sell on Etsy? You can use Roketfy’s Product Research feature to uncover valuable metrics like the most popular products with higher sales volume and when to expect more sales. You also discover what competitors are selling, making it easier to identify gaps you can fill and stand out.

You have ideas of what to sell on Etsy. Now, focus on the most crucial step to secure more great reviews: the quality. There is no way around it; quality products meet or exceed customers’ expectations. This means you’ll amass a significant pool of happy customers who are more likely to leave positive reviews.

The Descriptions

You could be selling top-quality products, but without accurate, clear, and comprehensive descriptions, you are unlikely to rank better, let alone get more reviews. Product descriptions help shoppers quickly find what they want and gain more details about your listings to make a sound decision.

The process begins with keyword research to ensure your descriptions fulfill user intent. You can easily manage this with Roketfy’s Keyword Research feature, ensuring you craft descriptions that’ll rank better on Etsy.

Writing clear and accurate descriptions optimized for Etsy search can be challenging, especially considering the extensive products on your listing. This is where Roketfy’s AI Writer comes in, alleviating the load by generating high-quality descriptions optimized with relevant keywords. Informative descriptions help you get more Etsy reviews by minimizing the chances of confusion.

Detailed and accurate descriptions mean shoppers get enough information about your products. This makes it easier for them to order a product that matches their needs. They’ll also get what they expected since they had relevant information when choosing the product. This means minimal, if any, disappointments caused by inaccurate expectations. Such satisfied buyers are likelier to leave great Etsy reviews considering the positive experience they enjoyed.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

If there were a perfect situation where moral reasons and practicality met, it would be your Etsy selling measures. You want to use the best visual appeals, like images and descriptive products, to attract more buyers, but does this mean you should be “manipulative?” Use clear photos that show the products from the best angles, but ensure they are honest and set the right expectations.

Like descriptions, such clarity and honesty mean buyers won’t be disappointed by receiving a product that doesn’t match what you displayed. Instead of employing manipulative hacks, use Roketfy’s Listing Checker to help optimize your listings.

The listing checker tool will help you optimize your descriptions for better ranking and to attract more sales. You’ll access practical recommendations to help improve your listings’ appeal without resorting to insincere methods to capture the eye. The honesty means you’ll meet buyers’ expectations since they receive what they ordered per the description and images, which makes it easier to get more positive Etsy reviews.

Clear and Fast Shipping

One of the most crucial parts that impacts user experience is the shipping. How fast do you ship? How about the fees and tracking? You need fast and precise shopping policies to avoid causing anxiety as buyers wait. A creative way to improve your shipping policy is running a competitor analysis.

Roketfy’s Competitor Analysis tools provide vital information about your competitors’ actions. This way, you can establish potential issues like minimum and maximum order processing days and shipping that could be affecting your customers’ experience.

Clear shipping policies and prompt deliveries offer customers a great experience, meaning they will likely leave positive Etsy reviews. Moreover, shipping is among the Etsy ranking factors. This means you improve your Etsy discoverability and, with positive reviews, get more sales and enjoy better profits.

Prompt and Personalized Communication

Automation helps speed up processes, but is it suitable for your Etsy communications? You want to create a personalized experience, meaning automated messages may offer less than you need. Treating each customer as if they were your first enhances chances of better engagement and improved satisfaction rates that help get positive Etsy reviews.

Simple measures like sending a handwritten thank you note with the orders could be enough to supercharge your personalization efforts. Personalization doesn’t mean you should overlook speed. You should still strive to respond quickly to all your customers’ messages and inquiries. Reliable customer service helps build confidence and foster healthier relationships, which can result in more positive Etsy reviews.

Don’t Ignore Issues

You may make a mistake or two, like a wrong order shipment, that could result in negative Etsy reviews. You could do everything right but still fail to satisfy certain customers. Don’t run from negative reviews; learn from them and fix the problem.

If the negative review is valid, address it by fixing the issue. You could offer a product replacement or refund to turn the negative into a positive Etsy review. You can also leave a public reply telling your side of the story since not all negative reviews are entirely your fault; some customers are difficult to please.

If you think the negative review is not warranted and goes against your shop or Etsy’s policies, report it and have it removed.  The Etsy support team will check the negative review and remove it if it is indeed against the policies.  

Follow Up

Follow-ups after order delivery offer an excellent chance to get the most out of a buyer. It is a chance to establish if they are happy with their order. If not, you can remediate the situation and avoid a negative review. If they are happy, they could also offer more insights on what you can do for an even better experience.

On top of it all, you get a chance to encourage the buyer to leave a review. This makes it easier to amass great Etsy reviews and foster better relationships for repeat business.

You’ve done it all, but you still can’t seem to get more Etsy reviews. You’ve reviewed your strategy, and everything seems in place; are you doomed? Not necessarily; some users need a little nudge to leave a review. After all, it is their time, and besides helping other shoppers, they don’t have much to gain. So, should you ask for reviews, and how do you do it?

How to Ask Customers for Etsy Reviews

Sometimes, you only have to ask a buyer, and they’ll gladly write a positive review. Before you start asking, familiarize yourself with the Etsy’s review system. Buyers are given 100 days to write a review. The days start from the delivery date, and for digital products, when a buyer downloads the files.

You have enough time and should allow the buyer to use the product before you ask for a review. Timely requests are less likely to be ignored, say two or three days after delivery. Here are some ways to ask for a review.

Personalized Order Confirmation Email

Etsy order confirmation email may not directly result in reviews. It is a great chance to thank the buyer for choosing and purchasing your product, inform them about the shipping policy, and provide any valuable information you think they should know. This information includes encouraging them to ask questions or leave a review after order delivery. Edit the email to ensure it is personalized for better results.

Use Insert Cards

Insert cards offer a great chance to pass information “in person.” You insert the card in the package, which the buyer finds when they open the order. Personalize the cards with handwritten messages for better impact. It is common for sellers to focus on marketing, but insert cards also offer a great chance to remind the buyer to write a review.


Etsy sends an automated message to remind buyers to leave a review after delivery. Relying on this may be less productive since the messages are not personalized. You can instead write a customized follow-up message, asking if the buyer is happy with their order and encouraging them to write a review. Follow-ups offer much more that can help secure reviews and build a loyal customer base.

When asking for reviews, the main points are to use a clear message and keep it short. You should also refrain from sending multiple messages. That amounts to spamming, which can drive buyers away and deny you a chance of repeat purchases.

You can use incentives like vouchers to encourage buyers to leave reviews. Nonetheless, you must tread carefully; there’s a thin line between incentives and soliciting reviews. For instance, offering a product in exchange for a review is bribery. Besides being costly, such an approach can blow back on you, especially since the reviews won’t be natural.

Final Thoughts

The above measures can help you get more Etsy reviews. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that you’ll receive great reviews from every customer despite utilizing all the recommended strategies. The best approach is to provide customers with the best possible experience. Also, maintain high professionalism throughout your engagements, especially when dealing with negative Etsy reviews. Reviews will then follow – naturally or with minimal “nudge.”

Remember, more reviews on Etsy are a part of the bigger picture. You must offer high-quality products and optimize your shop and listings for better search ranking. The good news is that Etsy shop and listing optimizations don’t have to be stressful.

Roketfy’s tools make the process a breeze, including Product Research, POD AI, Keyword Research, AI Writer, AI Reviews, Listing Checker, and Competitor Analysis. The tools offer fast and reliable Etsy SEO solutions without shifting your focus from your core functions. Sign up today for a free plan and let Roketfy fast-track your quest to become a star seller.