The Best Etsy Shop Name Ideas

Your store name can be the green light of the products you sell. Not only that, but you can go viral with your store name and thus bring traffic and sales to your store. A seemingly unimportant store name on Etsy is the first step in your branding.

The Best Etsy Shop Name Ideas

How to Name Your Etsy Shop

Is it still worth it to start an Etsy shop? Well considering that ecommerce has grown tremendously over recent years and is still growing, we say, “Yes!”

If you’re just getting started on Etsy, you’ll face a few challenges, like deciding what products you’ll sell and choosing a shop name on Etsy. 

Today, we’ll give you a few tips for picking your Etsy store name and a few things to avoid when choosing, plus some examples to inspire you!

Tell Your Story

The best Etsy shop names are not just catchy, but descriptive, showcasing your brand values and enticing your customers to explore what you have to offer. Many catchy Etsy shop names reference something about the seller, the products, or both.

All your branding starts with your name: your logo, your graphics, your aesthetics, etc. So take time to consider what story you want to tell. Do you want vintage ornamental branding or sleek modern branding? Will you use lots of colors, or will you opt for neutral aesthetics? Will you sell physical products or digital downloads?

Example Ideas

  • A shop that sells space-themed paintings: GalacticPaintShop
  • A shop that sells minimalist phone and desktop backgrounds: BCKGRD
  • A shop that sells customized vintage clothing: UpStyle

Focus On Your Customer

Consider what your customer will picture when they encounter your Etsy shop name. Will they be confused or unsettled by your name, or will they feel an urge to check out your store? 

You should especially focus on what your ideal customer will be searching for. Are you targeting business owners who need thank-you card templates for their customer orders, or are you targeting consumers who want esoteric art to decorate their small uptown apartments?

Example Ideas

  • A shop that sells modern minimalist art with esoteric themes: EsotericaModerna
  • A shop that sells customized gift bags made of sustainable materials: EarthGift
  • A shop that sells graphic templates for packaging pack-ins: UpSign

Consider SEO

If your store name is easily confused with a different brand or a more popular search term, you might struggle to drive traffic to your store. Considering just how many brands are out there, it’s important to always spend some time browsing Google and social media for brands that might already have a name similar to yours.

Choose a name that is easily searchable but won’t get buried under a ton of similar names. Also, make sure that your preferred social media handles are available!

Example Ideas

  • A shop that sells keychains for carrying guitar picks: PickMeUp
  • A shop that sells 100% vegan leather bracelets, chokers, and headbands: BandsOfLove
  • A shop that sells hemp t-shirts: BioThredHemp

Clear Beats Clever

The key to choosing good Etsy shop names is to balance clarity and cleverness. A cool, fun, or unique name is only an asset if it doesn’t confuse your customers. That means, if your shop has a music theme, don’t choose a name relating to car parts. Likewise, if you sell digital products, don’t give the impression that you are shipping painted artwork.

If you want to use something unrelated to your products in your Etsy shop name, then make sure you also tie it into what you sell or whom you’re selling to.

Example Ideas

  • A shop that sells wooden coasters: BigBearCoasters
  • A shop that sells customized glassware: RedBoatGlass
  • A shop that sells novelty enamel pins: CrossroadsEnamelPins

Remember Etsy Format (No Spaces)

One of the most important things to remember when considering Etsy store name ideas is that Etsy shop names have no spaces and only allow up to 20 characters! That means, to differentiate words in your shop name, you’ll need to rely on numbers and capitalization.

Pro tip: while replacing letters with numbers can work, we advise sticking to strategic capitalization for the sake of clarity.

Example Ideas

  • A shop that sells novelty stickers: 3DogStickers
  • A shop that sells tiger-themed accessories: ElTigr3
  • A shop that sells custom-painted decorative baseballs: 3StrikesBaseball

Etsy Names To Avoid

As you’re choosing the best Etsy shop name, there are a few things you should be careful to avoid in addition to following the tips above.

Names That Are Too Specific Will Limit Your Growth

If your name is too specific, you might struggle to maintain your brand as you grow. For example, a name like “BrokeCollegeGirl” might describe you and your shop when you launch, but what about after you’re no longer a broke college girl?

Names That Are Too Weird Or Offensive Might Deter Customers

If your name is too weird, you might struggle to draw customers. For example, “SacredFishSauce” wouldn’t be a great name for an Esty shop that sells hand-painted music boxes. Also, be aware that anything resembling hate speech – even accidentally – will likely result in a ban.

Names That Are Hard To Type

When choosing a great Etsy shop name, be careful not to choose a name that’s hard to read or type. Avoid putting a lowercase “L” next to a capital “i” for example, or placing several repeating letters in succession, like “ArttttttttttShop.”

Names That Are Too Long

When you’re coming up with the perfect name for your Etsy shop, make sure to restrict it to 20 characters or less, or it won’t fit (and less than 15 characters if you want to use it as your Twitter handle).

Names That Are Similar To Names That Are Already Taken

When searching for available Etsy shop names, you might be tempted to copy the name of a successful shop. While every shop name must be unique on Etsy, they have no restrictions on names that are similar.

However, even if you can get away with changing a letter or adding a number at the end, it will be best to come up with a name that’s unique to your shop, in order to avoid confusing your customers or infringing on any trademarks.

Also, even if a real-world name isn’t taken on Etsy (like Nike or Adidas), you definitely shouldn’t attempt to use the name of a big brand for your Etsy shop!

Do not use copyrighted names, this will cause your Etsy shop to be closed.

Names That You Hate

Now, above all else, it’s important to choose a shop name on Etsy that you will be proud of for a long time. There’s nothing worse than running a business with a name you hate!

How To Grow Your Etsy Shop?

With the above tips, you should be ready to pick the perfect name for your Etsy shop! However, picking your name is only the beginning. To run a successful Etsy shop, there are several more things you’ll need to do:

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