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Analyze your listings on Etsy with the Roketfy technologies and get smart suggestions to boost your sales!

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What is Listing Checker?


With a user-friendly interface, the platform offers a comprehensive set of tools that can help you improve your search rankings and attract more buyers to your Etsy shop. By leveraging the advanced tools and technologies available through Roketfy tools, you can streamline your optimization process, save time, and achieve greater sales success.

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Smart Score System

Optimize your product listing according to your score for maximum impact on your rankings. This system evaluates the performance of your Etsy store using advanced algorithms and calculates your score based on key metrics such as your product's price, stock, title, description, and images.

content analysis

Content Analysis

Easily identify errors and get recommendations to optimize your titles and product descriptions with just one click. The best part? You can apply these optimizations right then and there, without ever having to leave the screen. By improving the quality of your content, you'll boost your product rankings and attract more potential buyers to your store.

price suggestion

Price Suggestion

Discover the optimal price for your Etsy products. Quickly and easily see the average price of similar products in the marketplace and adjust your prices accordingly to increase your sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Roketfy’s features.

What is Roketfy Listing Checker and how does it help Etsy sellers?

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The Roketfy Listing Checker is a tool designed to analyze Etsy product listings, comparing them with top-performing listings to provide actionable recommendations for optimization and boosting rankings.

Why Use Listing Checker For Your Etsy Business?

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Listing Checker provides actionable suggestions for improving the ranking of your products in the marketplace.

With this tool, you can quickly view all the necessary details to develop your product, including price, title, images and content, all in one place. This saves you lots of time and helps you to boost your rankings and sales.

What is Content Analysis?

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All written and visual content containing information about your products fall within the scope of content analysis. The contents of your products are tested for compliance with market dynamics and SEO structure with necessary technical analysis. In this way, you can learn the ranking power of your products and view the action suggestions you need to take.

What Is The Purpose Of Listing Checker’s Suggestions?

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Based on their significance in the Roketfy smart score system, the sections that require improvement or are performing well are highlighted with clear graphics, along with suggested actions and recommendations.

These detailed recommendations focus on improving your store’s performance and increasing your product sales. With the suggested actions presented on a single screen, you can easily improve your product rankings and boost your sales.