Most Popular Etsy Tags in 2024: Improving Your Shop’s Visibility

Are you an Etsy seller looking to boost your shop’s visibility and sales in 2024? One effective way of accomplishing this goal is by using popular Etsy tags. In this blog post, we’ll define the best Etsy tags, how they work, and which ones to utilize in 2024 for enhanced shop visibility.

Most Popular Etsy Tags in 2024

What Are Etsy Tags?

Etsy tags are keywords or phrases that help shoppers locate your products on the platform. These tags are added to each item's listing page and are used by Etsy's search algorithm to display relevant results to visitors. When someone types a keyword into the search bar at, Etsy’s algorithm  scans tags and other listing details to return the most relevant outcomes. By using Etsy tags effectively, and utilizing tools like Roketfy AI Writer to generate SEO optimized product descriptions, you can enhance your shop’s visibility and sales.

How Do Etsy Tags Work?

Etsy tags help shoppers locate your products based on keywords or phrases they search for. Tags for Etsy should accurately describe the item being sold, using specific phrases likely to be searched for. For instance, if you are selling handmade soap, relevant tags could include “handmade soap,” “natural soap,” and so on.

Utilizing the correct tags is essential for increasing your shop’s visibility on Etsy. The more specific your tags are, the higher the chances your products will appear in relevant search results.

2024’s Most Popular Etsy Tags

What will be the top trending Etsy tags in 2024? Here are some top contenders that will boost your shop’s visibility and help you reach a wider audience:

  1. Handmade: The “handmade” tag is a popular option on Etsy and should be used when your products have an authentic handmade aesthetic. Just be mindful not to misuse this designation – if your item is mass-produced, don’t use the handmade tag.
  2. Unique: This tag is popular because many Etsy shoppers are searching for one-of-a-kind items they can’t find elsewhere. If your products have an original twist, using this tag can help you stand out in search results.
  3. Gift: The “gift” tag is increasingly popular as many shoppers look for unique presents for friends and family members. If your products make ideal presents, include this tag to boost your visibility in search results.
  4. Home Decor: Using the “home decor” tag is essential if you sell home decor items on Etsy. Customers often search for different types of decor on the platform, so using this tag can increase your visibility to those customers.
  5. Jewelry: The “jewelry” tag is vital for selling jewelry. Customers frequently search Etsy for various types of jewelry, so using this tag can increase your visibility to those customers.
  6. Wedding:  The “wedding” tag is popular on Etsy as many shoppers plan weddings or search for related items. If your products fit this Etsy description, using this tag could help you reach more potential customers.
  7. Vintage: This tag is popular with shoppers searching for unique vintage items. If you sell vintage products or items with a vintage aesthetic, using this tag could open the doors to more potential customers.
  8. Art: The "art" tag is popular because it covers a wide range of products, from paintings and prints to sculptures. If you sell any form of artwork, include this tag to increase your visibility.
  9. Fashion: The "fashion" tag is popular due to its broad scope, including products ranging from clothing to accessories. If you sell any fashion-related products, be sure to include this tag for increased visibility.
  10. Personalized: People value unique and personalized items, and this tag can help you reach customers looking for just that. If your products can be customized in any way, using this tag will enable you to distinguish your shop from competitors.
  11. Minimalist: The minimalist lifestyle trend is still strong, and using this tag can help your products appeal to customers seeking minimalist aesthetics and designs. Utilize this tag if your products possess a minimalist aesthetic or design.
  12. Boho: Bohemian style has been a beloved trend for years and continues to attract many customers. If your products have an innate boho or bohemian aesthetic, using this tag can help you reach those seeking that aesthetic.
  13. Natural: Natural materials and designs are becoming increasingly sought-after, so this tag can help you reach customers looking for products made with materials like wood, stone or natural fibers.
  14. Vintage: Vintage items never go out of style, and if your products have a vintage aesthetic or feel, using this tag can help you reach customers looking for unique and one-of-a-kind vintage finds.
  15. Custom: If your products offer customization options, use the “custom” tag. Customers frequently search for customized items on Etsy, so using this tag can increase your visibility among those searching for such goods.

These tags are increasingly popular because they reflect current trends and shopper preferences.

Tips for Using Etsy Tags

Now that you understand some of the most sought-after Etsy tags for 2024, how can you utilize them to boost your shop’s visibility? Here are a few tips:

  • Utilize All 13 Tags: Etsy allows you to use up to 13 tags per product listing, so be sure to utilize them all. Consider which tags are most pertinent for your item and incorporate both popular and niche tags into the mix.
  • Utilize Synonyms: Substitute synonyms for your main tags to increase visibility. For instance, if your main tag is “wedding invitations,” also include tags like “bridal invitations” or “rustic invitations.”
  • Utilize Long-tail Keywords: These are phrases more specific than single-word tags, such as “handmade pottery bowl” or “handcrafted leather bag.” Using these long-tail keywords can help your product stand out to customers searching for something specific.
  • Utilize Roketfy’s Tag Research Tool: If you’re uncertain which tags to use on your listing, Roketfy offers a Tag Research tool, which suggests popular tags that could increase your visibility. This is a handy tool to grow your store when used effectively with the Competitor Analysis tool, which helps you understand what tags and strategies your competitors are using.


Utilizing popular Etsy tags is a simple yet effective way to boost your shop's visibility and sales in 2024. Including relevant keywords and phrases can make your products more noticeable to shoppers while attracting a wider audience. Make sure your tags accurately describe your items and resonate with your target demographic. Regularly evaluate and update your tags as needed to maintain optimal visibility.