11 Best Etsy SEO Tools: 2024

Etsy has many SEO tools, and one needs to select the best tool to ensure it improves their shop. Remember that only some Etsy sellers will operate the same way, so ensure that you choose the best and try it out.

11 Best Etsy SEO Tools: 2024

The concept of e-commerce is relatively new and currently making headlines. Traditionally, people would walk into stores, pick products from the shelf, and pay via cash or kind. However, for e-commerce, it’s simplified. Breaking it down, this can be defined as making transactions to purchase goods and services on the internet. In this case, sellers list their products on websites where people can buy them electronically. Once payment has been received, merchants ship their goods or offer services accordingly. E-commerce also provides for dispute resolutions, client feedback, and reviews, revoking orders, among other goodies. Multiple platforms utilize the above concept to better sales, with Roketfy being one of them.

How to Pick an Etsy SEO Tool 

A good tool is one that you will use frequently. You are, however, required to use it for a while and see if you like the workflow to improve your shop’s SEO. After a particular time, you can tell if you want the actual tool, from the look of it to the figures it offers you. If the tool does not impress you, try a different one and see whether it gives you the desired results. Remember that as a business owner, it is up to you to determine the right SEO tool for your business needs. Are you a business owner wondering which tool is best for your business? Below are several Etsy SEO tools and why they might be the right action for your business.


Roketfy was established in 2022 as a virtual assistant that houses several Etsy seller tools for optimal growth. Roketfy is a handy tool in the growing business world, with its headquarters in Istanbul. Roketfy combines several Etsy tools for sellers to optimize shop listings and boost rankings. Roketfy offers its users a free trial and a sign-in option to accommodate sellers from different levels. These are the features Roketfy has: 

  • Listing Checker
  • AI Writer
  • POD AI
  • Product Research
  • Competitor Research
  • AI Reviews
  • Keyword Research

With a variety of Etsy SEO tools to choose from, the listing optimization assistant is vital in upscaling sales. This SEO Etsy tool has an easy-to-navigate interface that aids in improving rankings and allures more consumers to purchase your goods or services. This tool utilizes strategies such as stock, images, product descriptions, titles, and customer success to earn more significant sales revenue. Listing optimization is quite simple and can be done within a few minutes. Navigating to the section to check product analytics would be best. For new products, you will need to upload them via a link. The Roketfy user interface provides an option to customize search using keywords or activating the category analysis option. The Etsy seller tool also suggests ways to attain a better rank for your products in the marketplace.

Research is a crucial aspect of any business. It helps in comparative studies and identifies new opportunities or areas of improvement. Roketfy has an influential Etsy research tool entrepreneurs use to make informed decisions. Powered by AI, the Etsy tool for sellers estimates vital performance indicators to assess their positions and decide accordingly. The product research tool will help you assess daily sales, profits, products in stock, and options with customizable filters. Roketfy research tool gives a competitive advantage over business competitors through tracking and helps you decide what to sell.

Roketfy SEO analytics tool is an absolute must you would love to incorporate in your operations. To start with, analytics is a way in which an entrepreneur uses past or present data to steer a business in any given direction. We are simply talking about clients’ reviews, ratings, and feedback. The Seo analytic tool provides an idea of what your customers want by critically analyzing their feedback. Roketfy AI reviews examine customer comments based on the reaction and topic. Painting a clearer picture, customers can rate products based on packaging, performance, price, and an option to return. The sentimental analysis consists of three entries; positive, negative, and neutral. As a business operator, you ought to capitalize on the positive, improve the negative comments, and research to improve the neutral aspect. This Etsy seller tool can aid in managing product cycles and improving product descriptions in instances where they are vaguely inferred.

Roketfy provides a solution to the hefty tasks of writing product descriptions. The Seo keyword tool integrates products and keywords to generate customer-targeted write-ups. Updating keywords is a simple task. The Etsy SEO tool provides an interface to choose products, enter keywords and correct product descriptions in seconds. As an entrepreneur, you can update titles in English, Spanish, Chinese, and 25 other languages. Time management is a crucial aspect of every business. The Seo keyword tool ensures you achieve the best to propel sales while checking on time. Remember, keywords are targeted toward market dynamics and traffic from websites.


This tool helps you learn what products sell and determines all other products you can add to your store. This Etsy SEO tool reviews your Etsy listing and shows where your shop lines. It is a very comfortable tool because it is easy to navigate the platform and has an intuitive layout, making it suitable for all who are starting to use it. It has features that include the following;

Keyword Research    

This tool will let you view keyword information like predicted trends, engagement, Etsy search volume, competition level, and popular keyword tags. It also has a feature of comparison that allows you to compare up to four keywords maximum. 

Storm – Keyword Brainstorm    

Brainstorming is very crucial when it comes to business and as this name recommends, this SEO tool is used for user brainstorming keywords. What happens is that after you type your ovule keyword, Marmalead will list interconnected keywords with complement stipulation and contention details. However, one can continue adding keywords to their list or decide to do away with unrelated keywords. 


Crest has numerous accommodating tools and appears well-stocked for Etsy shop operation. This tool concentrates more on managing your store and analyzing your shop’s specifics. It does not explore competing products and shops on Etsy to acquire perceptions. 

This tool features an integrated SEO engine that lets you change your listing subtitles, product descriptions, and keyword tags. The good part of this tool is that it has a video generator that allows you to create social media video content, making it stand out from others. You must select a photo from all your listings, crop a transformation out-turn, and you are all groomed. This tool has the following features:

Location-Based Consumer Analytics    

The best thing about this tool is that it gives you bird’s eye visibility of your shop production. It filters your listings by revenue, popularity, or specification markets through order geo-tracking. This tool allows you to have room to set your goals for vital shop aspects, including your orders and listings. It also lets you track your progress as much as possible via time graphs and simple gadgets.

Video Content Maker    

This tool allows you to briskly produce videos you can transfer to Etsy or a portion of your social media channels for your esteemed buyers. They have features that automatically format your images to size, and you can select from video effects such as wipe, cover, zoom, or fade.

Best Attribute    

Venue-based customer analytics and listing optimization with checks and recommendations. It also favors you during the video-making process from photos since you can add transitions and effects.

Sale Samurai

This tool was fabricated by e-commerce experts who computerized Amazon ads for prominent vendors. It has excellent insight into analytics, AI, and how to utilize information to make a large budget. The AI-driven tools layout robust data so you can make contrivance immediately. It helps scale print-on-demand by-products, and for those who want to sell digital derivatives that generate passive income, this could be the best tool for them. However, you can amalgamate directly with various print-on-demand partners to put your designs now on lots of by-products. 

This SEO tool makes it simple to perceive keywords that Etsy purchasers type on the platform when they are exploring products. However, the advanced filters let one identify related keywords, long tail keywords, estimated Etsy search volume, and competition. The tool also has a chrome extension that helps you sort information while staying on your Etsy shop sheet. The most vital point of this tool is that it does keyword research and comes up with essential keyword ideas. It has the following attributes:

Search Capacity    

The keyword search tool offers treasured keyword information, including how innumerable times it gets hunted on Etsy monthly, all the clicks through rate, and keyword opposition. However, with the chrome extension, one can make their Etsy hunt bar show a product’s monthly hunt capacity.    

Analytic Tools

This tool allows you to detect all your contestants and obtain perception into their keywords, subjects, and Etsy tags. This set of tools sets the seal on your Etsy SEO and ensures it is at the threshold since it helps you acquire a brink over your contestants. It has advanced filtering options, downloadable information, and scaling tools to help you grow your business with additional by-products.

Best Feature

All the keyword suggestions of Sale Samurai are strong. They offer many valuable keywords that Etsy patronages use with approximated hunt capacity.


This SEO tool straightforwardly provides data and thus allows you to make good choices quickly, and whenever required. You can run hunts fast; each offer approximated capacity, contention, and urged extra keyword proposals. This platform also analyzes competitors and tracks keywords you’ve researched. It has the following aspects;    

Competition Analysis    

Keysearch’s advanced algorithm offers accurate keyword difficulty scores and comprehensive search results exploration. This aspect of Keysearch allows you to examine competitors for numerous keywords or analyze your SEO keywords with the mass keyword difficulty inquirer.    

Ranking Tracking    

Keysearch automatically tracks your ranking down to your exact bearing. Instead, it initiates alerts, reports, and real-time ranking updates. It has a content aid tool that can high spot the content google is gazing for on the initial sheet of search reverberation. Remember that the keyword tags are essential since they are one of the main techniques the Etsy algorithm uses to determine where to line your product listing in the hunt.    

Best Feature    

It is commonly used in finding backlinks to your site. Organic keywords also use it to see the average traffic you pull from individual keywords and the related post URL.


This is one of the easy-to-operated Etsy SEO tools because it is harmonious with Etsy concerning product research, development in the listing, and investigation of tags and ranks. It has the following attributes:

Product Research    

EtsyHunt’s product search sheet has detailed filters allowing you to find specific products and determine their cost range, total sales, average reviews, and shipping origins. Instead, one can check out listings separately for their elucidation, product tag, and classification. It also offers a complete production malfunction of a product’s cost, sales, evaluations, and favorites.

Keyword Research    

It allows you to browse top hunts and spot exact keywords or Etsy tags for your listings. After typing your search term, it initiates a comprehensive analysis, including started sales, number of views, and amount of competition. EtsyHunt has valuable tools, which are as follows:  

  • Top-selling items on Etsy  
  • Tags extension  
  • Store analyzer   
  • Information API  
  • Etsy fees calculator  
  • Quick view extension  
  • Follow-up reminder   
  • Etsy listing optimization  
  • Keyword research tool  
  • Product research tools  

Best Feature    

The vast Etsy product database is one of the standout features of EtsyHunt since it allows users to search for the best-selling products in their niche and guides them accordingly on what’s selling well. However, this tool also includes a directory of indolent products, which lets you see by-products that have run out of stock, perhaps due to your contestant running out of stock in their stores.


This tool markets itself as an all-in-one platform for Etsy’s success. It has many active users, and this tool helps you with by-product research, listing optimization, and keyword research. However, it does not have the cheapest price tag, but it offers the best bang for you due to its panoramic attributes. Alura has a chrome browser extension that discloses approximated sales and income on your Etsy sheet. It has a unique aspect that many like, which includes coming up with an email marketing service that integrates with your Etsy stockpile. Alura provides the following features:

Email Sender    

The email sender is a unique feature that this tool entails. It combines with your Etsy store, allowing you to dispatch transactional and supporter effort emails. Transactional emails work inordinately for upselling to a consumer or presenting promotional offers to increase sales. It will enable you to program automatic emails like subscriber campaign emails. And therefore, you should keep in mind that these emails are sent during certain events, such as when a consumer leaves a reviewer or when you have distributed an order.    

Keyword Finder

This tool helps you trace low-competition, high-demand keywords. Instead, it offers numerous keyword suggestions and comes up with valuable data like the number of views, estimated sales, and competition.


It is a well-liked tool that can help develop your listings well. It gives you a broad span of free crucial tools to help you improve your store’s visibility. These extra vital tools include:

  • Listing audit    
  • Rank checker    
  • Monitor tool    
  • Keyword tool    
  • Etsy keyword explorer    
  • Listing Etsy analytics tool


This tool primarily centers on offering vendor’s product plans on what to sell on Etsy, making it easier to research keywords. Its chrome extension also puts critical product data on views such as revenue, listing tags, and estimated sales. It allows you to scrutinize the production of participating listings to dictate which products have the towering income. Below are more details about this tool’s product search feature:

Product Search    

This tool helps you spot all the trending products to sell on Etsy. It also attributes a chrome extension that approximates sales and examines product income. This feature will also allow you to rescue listings and product plans for upcoming recommendations. Having them safe will make you trace them easily whenever you need them, saving you more time.    


Koalanda attributes a suite of tools for Etsy SEO, product hunt, keyword, shop mechanization, and contestant investigations. Its tip idea lets you carry out limitless hunts and keyword lists. It also enables you to join up to five Etsy stores. Koalanda has the following features:

Keyword Search    

Koalanda’s Etsy keyword tool amalgamates user handfast information and definite hunt capacity into a manageable hunt score. It gives various picking of applicable keyword propositions and a panoramic keyword list as the user requires. Remember, it has an advantage when tipped for; it lets you carry out limitless hunts and keyword lists.

Listing Editor and Prints  

The listing editor allows you to analyze and edit your product listings swiftly. It informs you of SEO issues in your listings, allowing you to fasten them immediately. However, you can record listing substitutes and reinstate prior kinds with one mouse snick.

Printful Keyword Scout    

Printful is a print-on-stipulation dropshipping party line that joins with Etsy. Whenever you plan to support the pro plan, you will get an entry to its keyword scout Etsy keyword research tool. This Etsy keyword tool helps you to find the best tags for your Etsy store. It instead issues policies for using acknowledged tags for your shop. Those selling their products can use the keyword scout to rectify SEO inaccuracy in their listings and examine their contestant’s products. This printful keyword scout has the following attributes:

Listing Development  

Keyword scout allows you to audit your store and inspect for SEO omissions. It informs you about the missing images, short product descriptions, and missing meta descriptions.    

Keyword Search    

The Etsy keyword research tool generates keyword forecasts to reveal which keywords will likely trend in the future, which thoroughly educates you on the trends. Its keyword research tool offers many phrases, misspelled words that Etsy clients use, and long-tail keywords.    

Keyword Tool Administrator   

Keyword tool dominator attributes keyword hunt tools for nine search engine and trading programmes, which include the following:

  • Home Depot    
  • Walmart    
  • YouTube    
  • Google    
  • Bing    
  • Amazon    
  • Etsy    
  • Google Shopping    
  • eBay    

This web-based Etsy keyword tool offers reproving information like significance and hunt capacity. It also helps you find long-tail and niche keywords for handmade crafts, unique digital by-products, or vintage items. The free sort of Etsy keyword inventor lets you do only two keyword hunts daily. And therefore, this keyword tool administrator has the following feature:

Keyword Search

After typing your seed keyword, this tool will generate hundreds of Etsy tags for your store. Afterwards, this keyword tool dominator will sort them out by relevancy and search capacity. Remember that it does not reveal any other information regarding keyword competitiveness.    

The Bottom Line

Making sales on Etsy is not just about generating a list and expecting those orders to appear like magic in your stores. It is good to be patient since it takes careful composing to make improvements to your Etsy listing and make it noticeable to your targeted customers. This article discusses several tools, and it is time to select the best device that fully suits your store. Improve the SEO of your organization further by learning how to promote your Etsy store and have the best strategy to conquer the competition present.