+13 Free & Paid Etsy Keyword Tool 2024

Is setting up your shop or selling on Etsy becoming an uphill task day by day? Well, like any other business, selling online is evolving towards growth and has a couple of benefits attached to it. Etsy is a no-brainer when it comes to e-commerce. This is a marketplace where entrepreneurs showcase crafted items and handmade products and, in turn, convert them to sales.

+13 Free & Paid Etsy Keyword Tool 2024

Starting on Etsy will call for using Etsy keyword research tools to establish a unique selling point in a pool of saturated sellers.

What is the Etsy keyword research tool? The Etsy keyword research utilizes Etsy SEO traffic on the platform to analyze what potential customers are looking for. In addition, this tool helps you find keywords, tags, product names, or descriptions that people are searching for.

The Etsy keyword research tool is also handy for optimizing new product listings. For example, an artist who wants to sell his newly made paracord bracelets. This tool will enhance a marketing plan by providing related tags, e.g., classic bracelets, based on the previous searches made by the customers on the platform’s search bar.

From a broader point of view, the Etsy keyword brings on all related keywords, provides for the total search volume over some time, and also highly competitive keywords. Coupled with information, you can undertake the e-commerce journey to unleash your full potential.

The internet is a generous giver, and with various tools, you might need clarification about which tools are best for your store. Stick around till the end of the article to make more sales on Etsy.

How Do I Use the Etsy Keyword Research Tool?

All you need to know is the best phrases that describe your business. Take an example of a beads artist selling paracord bracelets on Etsy. The best phrase is the paracord bracelet. You need to type this on the search bar, and the tool provides all related tags along with corresponding statistics in terms of selling and competition. This will help you make informed decisions toward success.


Roketfy's main aim is to help Etsy sellers increase revenue through market-targeted product listings, Ai powered product descriptions, and other valuable strategies. The SaaS niche ensures that success is not only dreamt of but made achievable. If we compare traditional software to the current trend, it is evident that SaaS has more benefits than its counterparts. And below are several benefits.

Roketfy Listing Checker

The listing checker is an adequate time managing tool that helps sellers step towards success by improving store rankings. To get a distinct picture, the tool uses a smart score system, content analysis checker, title suggestion, and pricing to affect the best decision for a seller.

Title suggestion helps you include related keywords and titles that best suit your audience. Content analysis capitalizes on image resolutions to ensure a good browsing experience. It also suggests the number of keywords to be used.

How Do I Use the Listing Checker?

You can walk through to the bottom of the website. Locate the listing checker. Adding a new product requires you to key the product URL in the required section. You can also experiment with different custom filters based on keywords.

Roketfy AI Writer

The concept of AI has been making headlines in the last few months, with businesses incorporating them into their work processes. The power cannot be overlooked. AI eliminates guesswork by understanding existing data. Roketfy is no exception in the above trend. The tool uses keywords to make product descriptions targeted toward meeting customer needs. Roketfy AI writer supports English, Spanish, Chinese, and 25 other languages to craft customer-driven product descriptions. Considering sellers want to manage their time efficiently, the AI writer does this in a few minutes.

Roketfy AI Reviews

Most businesses utilize the Likert scale to assess the quality of service delivered to a particular customer. It uses strongly satisfied, satisfied, neutral, and strongly unsatisfied scales. The Roketfy AI reviews aid decision-making in analyzing customer comments on a given topic, say the mode of delivery. If customers are constantly low-rating the mode of payment, it may be time to change. Furthermore, you can view analytics affecting revenue, such as mode of delivery, branding, packaging, and pricing. You can also work with one at a time till you get satisfied. Neutral comments are the hardest to deal with and call for constant improvement. Positive comments show the business’s best side and ought to be maintained. Sometimes, misunderstanding may arise due to the quality of your home image or a poorly done product description.

The tool also allows us to compare analytics with other sellers and a performance cycle within a particular time.

Roketfy Product Research

Product research is a calculator. With customizable filters, you can measure orders made within a month, profits accrued, stock turnover, and stock at the moment. For sellers on Etsy, you want to keep track of your revenue for computing profit and paying taxes. You also want to monitor how much fellow traders make within a week. Going further, you can create and analyze a CSV file to measure progress and for goal-setting purposes.

Sale Samurai

The top of my list is Sale Samurai. This keyword research tool is available as a Chrome extension for around $ 10 per month. Sale Samurai provides selling insight based on registered searches by customers on Etsy. The good thing about this tool is that it analyzes your competitor’s pricing, selling days, and product views over time. Now, as an entrepreneur, you decide on comprehensive analytics. The Etsy keyword tool has a pricing plan of $99 annually that allows customized filters, long-tail keyword research, and more. By this, Sale Samurai is a readily available and convenient tool for your Etsy store.


Think about rating and the importance of reviews to customers. Marmalead is an excellent tool for achieving an A while selling on Etsy.  To get this rating, you must scope 7 out of 10 engagement bars and utilize all 13 tags while focusing on long-form keywords. On the positive, Marmalead predicts the performance of your keywords over a given period, say two months. When in doubt about what keyword to use, Marmalead allows you to compare up to 4 keywords. Consequently, you will decide on which strategy suits you best.


Crest grows your Etsy store through the combination of various SEO tools. To start with, Crest gives insightful information about your customers based on their location, spending ability, and orders over some time. Second, goals and goal setting is the best way to assess your store’s performance. Crest allows you to define your goals and monitor them through the use of graphs and infographics. This keyword research tool allows you to experiment with different product tags and titles and view how they affect SEO performance in real time. In addition, it recommends manipulating these tags to give a better outcome. For example, shorten keywords.

Etsy Hunt

With a limited budget, Etsy Hunt provides a free trial encompassing up to 10 daily shop searches, ten keyword searches, and 10 product searches. For small starters, Etsy Hunt allows for shop recognition among other sellers. To cite a few goodies from EtsyHunt is the product research tool that analyzes top-performing products based on category.


Alura is the most known tool to improve shop ranking. To begin with, Alura provides a free trial with limited searches without necessarily adding a credit card to your account. For a shop owner, this tool is effective in conducting marketing campaigns. For instance, a business may want to compile a list of potential customers and send them updates on new orders, building trust and loyalty.


eRank is best tailored to meet the needs of small and medium sellers through a free trial. For the pro plan, this tool enables customized filters relating to average clicks, average searches, occurrences, and their competition. It also provides synonyms about a given search tag. It gives you the option to download data in the form of PDF, CSV, Excel, or Print. 


KWfinder makes keyword analysis and selling on Etsy as easy as ABC. This Etsy keyword research tool has a 10-day free trial that enables small sellers to get onto their feet. Standing out from other research, KWfinder details historical information about seasonal orders and hot deals. What do I mean by seasonal orders? This, for example, could be ordering custom-made bowls for Ramadan. The most straightforward plan is $29.90, with a competitor keyword search of up to 25.


As earlier stated, you want to stand out in a competitive pool of sellers. This Etsy keyword tool collects data on keywords and searches on Etsy to enhance better product descriptions, meta tags, and product titles. Expanding on the site’s technical features, Keysearch has an easy-to-navigate user interface with calls to action adequately situated. In this case, plans are well outlined to suit every business’s financial capacity.

Is Keyword Research a Critical Aspect for an Etsy Seller?

Generally, research must be considered since it tries to get the best answer by analyzing existing data. On Etsy, sellers utilize tools to generate what best describes consumer needs. Using keywords ensures that you get noticed and, in turn, convert shop visits into sales. On the flip side, proper keyword research will prevent your business from getting into losses due to stiff competition.


Makerwords shows the most popular searches on Etsy. This tool has an insightful tool that analyzes trends within a particular time. This keyword research tool analyzes search terms on Etsy and Amazon to help decide on the best meta titles and their related terms. Like the other tools, Makerwords are essential to upscaling revenue and shop recognition on Etsy.

How Do I Improve My Shop Ranking on Etsy?

Getting noticed on such a competitive platform will call for doing things uniquely. To start with, you want to best describe your shop through product names in a detailed manner. Over-saturation and repeating keywords will hurt SEO. Etsy allows you to use up to 13 tags and update listings now and then. These are just but a few strategies to grow your business. With the information in this piece and research, you will experience a steady rise in sales and revenue.


Koalanda, as a keyword research tool, has a 2-week trial that allows sellers on Etsy to conduct unreasonable searches. During these two weeks, a user has limited access to all features on the platform. The paid plan goes for $71.88 per year, allowing unlimited searches and comparing up to 5 shops through a technology known as Etsy API. When you feel you have messed up your store, you are one mouse click away from restoring the previous version.


This keyword research tool is a breaking point for Etsy shop owners who want to increase revenue on the platform. Everbee combines keywords into product descriptions to impact overall sales. To start on Everbee, navigate to a login page and add your credential accordingly. You then get to choose the best package for your business. The Etsy Keyword research also has a free trial that is very effective for small starters.


Ahrefs is a dominant keyword search tool that analyzes web traffic to define metrics for every keyword. This tool was established in 2010 and has been the solution for business. This tool has a 2-month free trial and a paid plan of $99 monthly. Ahrefs allows for citing competitors’ traffic source and their best-ranking keywords and suggesting the best keywords.


Starting a business is easy but goes beyond opening a shop and waiting for customers to buy products miraculously. The first step is getting creative. Yeah, you got me right. For Etsy sellers, you want to go for product descriptions and titles with high demand and low competition. Having unique selling can be implemented by constantly updating product listings. Selling on Etsy goes beyond knowing the best tool for your business, doing business research, and listening to customer feedback. In a global world, technology keeps changing, which calls for one to be adaptive. Roketfy provides a free plan to offer full experience. To save time, the Roketfy AI Writer is the go-to tool. You want to write descriptions that are customer driven within the shortest time—guesswork in business with immersing your business into a pool of losses.