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Competitor Analysis

With the competitor analysis feature, you will be able to analyze your competitors' products, stores, and content in the most detailed way.

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What is Competitor Analysis?


Provides detailed data about your competitors' keywords, sales, content, and the products they list. With this data, you know how you can list stronger than your competitors and what you can sell. It allows you to conduct both product-based and store-based research.

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product detective

Product Detective

Find out the competitor's listing age, shipping country, number of views, keywords, tags, materials and sales information. Power up your product listing with this data.

shop detective

Shop Detective

You can view the number of products listed, total sales, number of favorites, store age, minimum and maximum product prices, most used keywords, and popular products of the competitor store. With this data, you can make your store different from your competitors and increase your store view.

keyword detective

Keyword Detective

Have you ever looked at a keyword as a competitor? This feature is fully available in Roketfy powerful tool. You will view important data such as: how many listings the keyword is used in, average stock status, min-max and average price range, average shipping process, number of views and title, similar keywords used in the description.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Roketfy’s features.

Can Roketfy’s Competitor Analysis help me outperform my competitors?

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Yes, the Competitor Analysis feature offers detailed insights into Etsy competitors’ products, keywords, and strategies, enabling sellers to make strategic decisions to gain a competitive edge.

How Can I Use Roketfy Competitor Analysis Tool?

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Using the competitor analysis tool is very simple. You only need to determine the keyword you want to observe your competitors’ store, product links and competition.

Can I Try Roketfy Competitor Analysis?

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Yes, you can try the competitor analysis for free.