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Roketfy POD AI

Turn your ideas into WOWs by describing your dream product design to Roketfy POD AI!

Choose One of 900+ Products

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Let POD AI to Create Your Dream Design

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See the Design on the Product

Produce Best-Fit, SEO-Optimized Content

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Sell on Any Platform You Wish

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What is Roketfy POD AI?


A Three-Step Journey: Choose one of the 900+ products and providers, tell about your dream product design to POD AI to create magical products, produce best-fit and SEO-focused content with AI Writer. And bonus: Sell them like hotcakes. Start a print-on-demand business today!

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high-quality products

High-Quality Products

Every product goes through Printify's three-stage quality control: When blank products arrive at the print points, before printing, after printing to compare the final product with the original design. Print Providers' performance is constantly monitored, if they don't meet standards they can be limited or removed from the platform.

lifestyle mockups

Lifestyle Mockups

With lifestyle mockups, you get listing images ready to share directly in your store without any more workload.

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Upscaled AI Image Outputs

A high quality output means a good print, good print means plenty of sales. Roketfy knows how fun AI images are but is most interested in increasing sales for our users. That's why the quality of our output is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Roketfy’s features.

How can Roketfy’s POD AI feature assist in online selling?

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Roketfy’s POD AI (Print on Demand Artificial Intelligence) provides 900+ high-quality product collaborations for print-on-demand, detailed and upscaled AI image generator, Etsy-compatible lifestyle mockups, and more.

Can I legally sell AI-generated art as print-on-demand?

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Yes, AI-generated art can be sold just like any other artwork. In fact, there is a growing market for AI art and some pieces are being sold for significant sums of money. So, it is said that this action is legal until the court rules otherwise.

How can I transfer the content I create to my Printify account?

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As part of Roketfy’s agreement with Printify, you can transfer the content you produce to any of your Printfy store with a single click!