How to Write a Title on Etsy?

If you’re into handmade, craft, or vintage items, Etsy is a great online marketplace to sell your unique items. You can easily list and sell on Etsy during your free time, increase sales, and even turn your online selling endeavors into more than a side hustle.

How to Write a Title on Etsy

So, how can you increase sales and become a star seller on Etsy? It all comes down to offering quality items, excellent customer experience, and ranking your shop and listings higher on Etsy search and overall search engine results pages (SERPs). This takes some work, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming since you can leverage Roketfy’s features. Roketfy helps you to consistently improve your listings and keep up with the trends by using the Competitor Analysis tool to discover what others in your niche are doing. 

As you consider the best ways to rank higher and improve your Etsy shop visibility, the shop title is among the top areas to consider. Herein, we’ll discuss what a shop title on Etsy is, how to write a title on Etsy, its importance, and how it differs from the shop name. 

What is an Etsy Shop Title?

Shop title, also called listing title, appears under your shop name on the Etsy shop homepage. Shop title on Etsy provides a great space to describe further what your business is all about. You can expound on the shop name, telling visitors what you sell. Besides delivering a unique selling proposition, you can use the Etsy shop title to present your slogan or tagline and creatively tell a story, which helps improve your branding.

Why is a shop title on Etsy important?

Etsy shop title doesn’t just appear on top of your shop page. It also appears as the title of the listings on search results. As such, the shop title is a critical piece that impacts your Etsy SEO and overall search engine optimization for engines like Google.

Etsy shop title helps customers find your shop and products through Etsy or search engine queries. The notable contributions emphasizing the Etsy shop title’s importance include:

  • It is the first thing users see when they search for a product.
  • It helps categorize your Etsy shop and products.
  • It impacts search rank, meaning the better it is, the higher your shop ranks on Etsy and SERPs, which helps attract more traffic.
  • Etsy shop title can help increase sales through improved visibility and more details about your shop and products.

What is Etsy’s Title Character Limit?

The shop title on Etsy can only go up to 55 characters. The limiting Etsy title length means you must be concise to create a unique and descriptive line telling users more about your shop. It sounds complex, especially considering the keywords you desire to incorporate in the title for SEO. It is doable and could prove more manageable than you anticipate. 

Etsy Shop Title Examples

Handmade Wooden Plant Stand| Rustic, Modern, Farmhouse. This is among the best Etsy title examples because it uses the primary keyword (Plant stand) and commonly used keywords (handmade, modern, and farmhouse). It is also descriptive within the 55-character limit. A user wouldn’t struggle to understand what your shop offers with such a title.

You can write Etsy shop titles in different formats. For instance, if you sell multiple products, you can use commas or lines to separate the items without affecting the flow. Etsy shop titles with no punctuation work well for sellers focusing on a single item. Below are a few Etsy shop title examples for better understanding.

  • If you sell vintage shoes, clothes, and accessories, you can use a title with a line separator like “Vintage | Shoes, Clothes, and accessories.”
  • If you sell organic body wash, lotions, gels, and shampoo, you can write a title using commas like “Organic body wash, lotions, shampoos, and gels.” 
  • For a seller specializing in arts for homes and offices, you can use a title with no punctuation, like “Handmade art for home and office spaces.”

You should note that the common aspect of these Etsy title examples is that they are straightforward yet descriptive. The titles also use keywords consumers will likely include in their search queries.

Writing concise and descriptive Etsy shop titles can be tricky. Here is where Roketfy’s innovative Keyword Research and AI writer features come in handy. The Keyword Research tool lets you uncover the most popular keywords in your niche. This ensures you front-load the title with keywords that’ll help you rank higher and drive more traffic to your shop.

Roketfy’s AI Writer helps you write descriptive titles within a short period. This allows you to write and experiment with different SEO-optimized Etsy shop titles and easily find the one that ticks. The Keyword Research and AI Writer features will enable you to easily keep up with the trends and adjust your Etsy shop titles accordingly without wasting time or losing focus on your core functions.  

Difference between Shop Name and Shop Title on Etsy

Besides the locational difference, the Etsy shop title and name are closely related. They impact your Etsy shop ranking, visibility, and appeal to potential customers. Here is a glance at each to help establish the difference between shop name and title.

Etsy shop name

The Etsy shop name has a 20-character limit and can’t include punctuations or spaces. The name becomes a part of your Etsy shop URL, and once taken, it can’t be used again, even when the Etsy shop closes. While you can change Etsy shop name over time, it may prove overwhelming. This is because you’ll have to change areas like the About section, shop icon, banner, and announcements referencing the old name.

Etsy shop name appears on your shop’s homepage, search results, and Etsy email notifications. As such, the shop name is critical for your branding efforts, meaning it should ideally be permanent.

The shop name should be easy, memorable, and accurately reflect your Etsy products. The simplest and most effective strategy is to keep the name short and sweet. You should also incorporate keywords for SEO and make the name unique and descriptive.

Etsy shop title

Etsy shop title appears on the shop homepage and search results. Unlike the shop name, it is not as permanent, meaning you can change it as often as possible with minimal friction. The shop title is vital for SEO. Therefore, it should be keyword-rich and descriptive.

The keywords make your shop easily discoverable when users search for products in your niche. The description gives the user more details, which can tip them in your shop’s favor, driving more qualified leads to your listing. 

Shop title is a huge part of SEO, and you can use Roketfy’s Listing Checker tool to optimize it and your overall listings. The assistant analyzes your listings and provides recommendations on areas you’ve not optimized.

For instance, the shop title could be missing trending keywords in certain seasons. Access to such recommendations helps you to quickly implement the changes, optimize your shop, and improve ranking. This can help drive more traffic and sales to your Etsy shop.

Both shop name and title are pivotal for your Etsy selling quests. The main difference is that the shop name leans more into your branding efforts, while the title’s impact is mainly on SEO.

How to write a title on Etsy?

Crafting an irresistible and descriptive title within the allowed 55 characters can be difficult. This is because you want to include as many details as possible to paint a vivid picture of your shop and products while keeping SEO in mind. You want to attract buyers and improve your search visibility, which is achievable with the right approach. Below are six Etsy title tips that can help fast-track the process.

  1. Start with keyword research.

What words or phrases are buyers looking for your products most likely to use? The research is at the heart of any successful SEO strategy, ensuring you use the most popular keywords in your niche. Keyword research is among the most essential Etsy title tips since the title falls within the SEO category.

You can start by using Roketfy’s Competitor Analysis to discover the keywords other sellers in your niche use. From there, use Roketfy’s Keyword Research tool to dive deeper into the popular keywords. When using the keywords, here are the top aspects to keep in mind:

  • Front-load the Etsy title with the primary keyword. This is the most important keyword you want the potential buyers to see when they first look at the title.
  • Use the keywords throughout the title. Nonetheless, tread carefully to ensure you aren’t simply stuffing the keywords. Use the keywords naturally, ensuring the title remains readable and easily understandable.
  • Only use relevant keywords. Trending keywords in a different niche may not necessarily be relevant to your products. Relevant keywords help ensure that you capture users interested in your listings. It means you won’t simply be driving traffic to your shop only for them to bounce since they expected something else.

Strategically used keywords enhance your Etsy shop ranking, an SEO contribution that helps increase sales.

  1. Write a unique title.

Etsy is a great online marketplace for unique finds. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you are likely alone in your niche. You probably researched and picked among the high-demand products in your quest to start selling on Etsy.

Roketfy’s Product Research feature lets you quickly find profitable products to sell on Etsy, including vital analytics like when the sales volume rises. You’ve found ideal products to sell, but how do you stand out?

The shop title on Etsy provides a chance to highlight those unique features or benefits. Highlight unique selling points like sustainable materials, which appeal to the buyers’ emotions and differentiate your brand from other shops on Etsy.

  1. Make it concise and accurate.

Honesty is an invaluable asset. When crafting Etsy shop titles, ensure they accurately represent your shop and products. Resist the urge to lean into those clever titles that can be misleading. Click bait titles could do more harm to your Etsy shop. This is considering customer dissatisfaction rates and the consequential accumulation of negative reviews. You want more positive reviews and ratings to build Etsy shop credibility and increase sales, emphasizing the need to ensure the listings, titles, and all other elements are based on accurate details. 

  1. Focus on descriptiveness

Much like when writing Etsy descriptions, descriptiveness is essential for your titles. The general rule here is that clear beats clever. It means you should creatively write the title without overshadowing clarity. Focus on being clear while providing more details and optimizing the title for SEO. You have a lot to say, but descriptiveness doesn’t mean you must write it all and use the maximum allowed characters. A few concise words can clearly tell your story, amplifying your shop name and giving the listings an SEO edge.

  1. Keep branding in mind.

While the main focus is SEO, you shouldn’t discount branding as you write the Etsy shop title. Where applicable, you can even include the brand name in the title. This will help visitors easily remember and find your shop when looking for similar products in the future.

  1. Proofread the titles

Grammar and spelling errors can be a huge turnoff. This is more so when the title’s message is diluted or lost due to impacted clarity. While proofreading, see to it that you don’t use excessive punctuation or all caps. All caps are unappealing, and excessive punctuation could cause confusion and impact the clarity of the Etsy shop titles.

Once you’ve crafted the perfect Etsy, your job isn’t done. Trying different titles is recommended, especially considering your niche and seasonal trends shaping consumer behavior, like holidays. Experiment with different names, track performance, and narrow down what works best for your Etsy shop.

After optimizing your Etsy shop titles, tags, and variations, among other aspects, you’ll notice an increase in sales. You shouldn’t stop there, though. You have more to do that can help increase your sales further in the long run.

Your shop title is an essential element of your Etsy shop’s success. By leveraging Roketfy’s inventive features, you can optimize the shop title and other areas for better ranking and visibility, which helps increase Etsy sales. Let Roketfy rock your Etsy selling quest; sign up today and enjoy a free plan.