Why Does Etsy Suspend Accounts and What to Do About It?

Etsy is one of the best platforms for creative entrepreneurs to make money from their passions thanks to its powerful algorithm and massive userbase. However, running an ecommerce store on Etsy does carry a certain level of risk: what happens if you get your Etsy shop suspended?

Why Does Etsy Suspend Accounts and What to Do About It?

You might be thinking, “I’ll never do anything to get my Etsy account suspended,” but sometimes it can be completely out of your control. 

If you want proof, a brief search for “suspended Etsy account” on social media to see countless horror stories from Etsy store owners who’ve lost access to their accounts.

If this has happened to you – or you’re worried that it could – this handy guide will teach you how to appeal Etsy suspension so you can get back to selling on Etsy!

Why Does Etsy Suspend Accounts?

Etsy suspends accounts for one specific reason: to protect its users. Even though they can be frustrating, Etsy’s protective measures are a major reason why some users feel safer buying from Etsy stores than from independent ecommerce websites.

However, sometimes shops can get surprised by an Etsy account suspension without understanding what they did wrong.

Here’s a brief explanation from Etsy about why they suspend certain accounts:

“Etsy suspends accounts when we have reason to believe our policies have been violated to help ensure the integrity of our marketplace.”

Here are a few reasons Etsy might suspend your account:

  • You have an overdue Etsy balance (you owe Etsy money)
  • You’re selling items that violate Etsy policy
  • Trademark Violations / Copyright Infringement
  • Your account has been flagged for spam activity
  • Your account has been reported
  • Inaccurate Personal Information (location, identity, etc)
  • You consistently ship orders late
  • Your account has been hacked

As you can see from the list above, some things are in your control, some things are out of your control, and most things lie somewhere between. 

For example, you could accidentally violate someone’s trademark with your products, you could get hacked, or your account could be reported multiple times as an act of sabotage. These scenarios are all 100% out of your control.

However, if you build a bad reputation by being aggressive with customers, shipping late, and not paying your account balance, you will either need to change your behavior or risk being permanently banned from Etsy. 

What Happens When Etsy Suspends Your Account?

When Etsy suspends your account, you’ll usually receive a notification via email about the suspension. Depending on your particular violations, your account will be either temporarily suspended or permanently suspended.

A temporary suspension is typically mild. Here’s what happens when your shop is temporarily suspended:

  • You can still access your Etsy account via web browser
  • You can still send messages 
  • You can still complete orders
  • You can still issue refunds
  • You can still view your case history
  • You can still view orders
  • You can still view and pay your outstanding Etsy balance
  • You cannot place new orders on Etsy
  • You cannot receive new orders on Etsy
  • You cannot access Etsy apps
  • You cannot create new listings
  • You cannot cancel orders
  • You cannot purchase or print Etsy shipping labels
  • You cannot access reviews for your shop
  • You cannot run Etsy ads
  • You might lose the Etsy Star Seller Badge (and become ineligible to receive it in the future)
  • You might be impacted by a payment hold

A permanent suspension is much more serious. Here’s what happens if you are permanently banned from Etsy:

  • You cannot buy or sell items on Etsy
  • You cannot create a new account
  • You might not be able to sign into Etsy ever again

How To Appeal A Suspended Etsy Account?

In order to file an appeal for account reinstatement with Etsy, you’ll first need to correct all violations, pay all outstanding balances, and resolve all open cases against your shop.

You’ll then need to contact Etsy with the details of your suspension, how you’ve corrected your mistakes, and how you will prevent them in the future. Your appeal will go under review, and you’ll eventually receive a final decision via email in approximately two weeks.

To ensure success, you will need to be honest, accommodating, and polite throughout the entire appeal process. Submitting an appeal doesn’t guarantee account reinstatement, so you’ll want to make the best impression you can on your reviewer.

If your appeal is denied, that decision will be final, and you will have no further recourse.

How To Avoid Etsy Suspension With AI

Running an Etsy is a lot of work, and it can be overwhelming to maintain listings, respond to clients, ship on time, and make sure your account balance is always healthy. As your Etsy shop grows, you might need help to stay compliant with Etsy’s policies and avoid suspension.

The problem is, bringing on an employee to help you run your Etsy store can lead to major costs and tax headaches for your Etsy business. Luckily, there’s a better way: artificial intelligence.

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How To Open Etsy Shop After Suspended?

  1. Try to Understand the Cause & Contact Support Team

    While a temporary Etsy suspension is bad news, it can be easily resolved if you stay calm, correct all violations, and contact Etsy support. After a brief waiting period, your account might be reinstated with no penalties, as long as you comply with all instructions.

  2. File an Appeal

    A permanent Etsy suspension is harder to fix, as it can extend to your IP address and prevent you from ever logging into your Etsy account again, even if you try to create an all-new account. If you believe your account has been wrongly suspended, you must file an appeal with Etsy.

For Which Reasons Etsy Suspends an Account?

They can block your account for violated rules, fraud and security breaches, bad reputation, authentication issues, etc.