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Who Should Use Pattern by Etsy? Pros and Cons for Sellers

For a long time, Etsy has served as a vibrant platform for artisans, crafters and other small merchants to exhibit and sell their special handmade and vintage products. But nowadays the markets are overcrowded and vendors require more than just a high-quality product.

Who Should Use Pattern by Etsy

Their creations have to be displayed on a good looking and functional website to help them sell fast. This where pattern by Etsy comes in handy. In this ultimate article guide, we will look at what it is all about and its pricing structure, the pros and cons and whether it’s worth investing in it.

What is Etsy Pattern?

It would be logical to begin by providing a brief introduction on what exactly Pattern by Etsy is before considering its advantages and drawbacks. Etsy offers a tool called Pattern which enables sellers to build their unique e-commerce website aside from Etsy shops with personalized brands. It is actually a means of assisting Etsy sellers in extending their online presence outside the Etsy marketplace.

Through Etsy Pattern, vendors can configure their site’s interface using a predefined template, use a purchased domain, and display merchandise in one-of-a-kind layouts. This allows them to stick with the brand of their store as it would not be easy within the limits offered by Etsy marketplace. This is especially useful for salespersons who gain access to wider markets but still have control over their marketing efforts and interactions with clients. Pattern, in a way, is an extension of any Etsy shop, offering shop owners a separate site for selling their products.

How Much Does Pattern by Etsy Cost?

It is completely free to try out Etsy Pattern features and create a personalized website. Once you choose to publish your website, a 30-day trial period shall commence. After the end of the trial period, you will be automatically enrolled in a Pattern subscription which will result in a monthly charge on your payment account as $15.00 USD + taxes applicable. The applicable conversion will be made in case the currency of your Payment account is different. Keep in mind that you can at any time cancel your Pattern subscription.

What Are the Advantages of Etsy Pattern?

Below are some of the advantages of using Etsy Pattern:

Seamless Integration with Etsy 

Probably, one of the major benefits of Etsy Pattern lies in the trouble-free way it integrates right into your current Etsy store. With Etsy Pattern, setting up a website would sync all your product inventory, listings, and orders straight with your Etsy shop for free. The integration makes sure your Pattern site remains in sync with the latest information from your Etsy shop. This sync automatically updates without any manual intervention, leading to coherence across Etsy shops and Pattern sites.

Customizable Templates 

Etsy Pattern provides numerous templates made by professional designers for different businesses with unique styles and brands. This way, it provides user-friendly website templates that do not require any technical or design proficiency to develop a good looking site. The templates are all mobile responsive which guarantees that your website will look good in different gadgets like smartphones and tablets. Custom templates provide you with the chance to create an appealing, tailor-made online store that attracts the particular customers you want.

Branding Control 

Using Etsy Pattern allows for more control of your brand’s image as opposed to the ordinary Etsy shop. Create a clear and memorable web address using your own domain name (e.g., It enhances brand control and helps establish a loyalty bond that is mutually recognized. With this, your pattern website is an extension of your brand that allows for a more personified exhibition of your products.

Advanced SEO Tools 

Etsy Pattern comes with inbuilt SEO features that boost the visibility of your site on search engine result pages. Through this you can use a meta title, description and keywords of every web page, product and category in your website. With these strategies, you’ll be able to attract more people to your sites and consequently increase the number of sales. Using these SEO tools helps you fight for better positions in the online market.

Content Creation

In addition to your product listings, with Etsy’s pattern function you can actually develop other types of content pages for your web site. Sharing your brand story, customer testimonials and others can be through these pages. You can increase your interaction by posting more unique content, this will help in going deeper into communicating with audiences, demonstrate your proficiency in that niche as well as portraying credibility. These pages enhance customer experience of shopping through a wide range of articles available for customer’s reading.

Blog Integration

With Etsy Pattern, it is quite simple to add a blog to your site so that you may interact with your customers and give them valuable content. With Rokеtfy AI Writer, you can create posts that offer valuable ideas, practical advice, and regular updates on your products and industry. By keeping up with a regularly updated blog you will be able to position yourself as an expert in your field, increase the flow of visitors to your web site and develop a community spirit around your customers.

Easy Product Listing

Increasing the number of products and services being sold through pattern is as simple as adding new listings to Etsy. With Pattern, you can smoothly import your existing Etsy product listings, or make new ones right at Pattern’s dashboard.  This approach speeds up things for you, and results in uniformity of Etsy shop and Pattern website. Additionally, it will help you manage your stock and update your clients on new products.

Analytics and Insights

Etsy Pattern’s integrated analytics tools offer valuable insight on how well your website is performing. This enables you to observe crucial measurements for example, visitors flow, profits, the level of change, and others. This means that this information helps you decide about what adjustments to do when it comes to improving the site’s user experience as well as refining of goods offered and alteration on market strategies.

You can also use Rokеtfy AI Reviews to extract insights from your customer data and reveal what your customers want from your products. Ultimately, long term achievements rely on the ability of online traders to comprehend the performance of their website.

Secure Shopping Experience

There are a number of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for pattern websites that appear as default options. Customers may rely on enhanced security features such as encryption for protection of the transactional data to enhance safety during shopping. Having an SSL certificate attached to your online store increases customers’ confidence, especially at sites that require their private data, e.g., payments.

Customer Support 

There is a specific customer support for customers running on Pattern on Etsy. Support consists of helping out in problems encountered when using this platform, questions relating to how best to use the site, and enhancement of one’s website. New sellers selling on a website might find it assuring that they have a committed technical team available when they face problems. Etsy’s support staff will assist in eliminating all challenges.

Cost-Effective Solution 

The Etsy pattern is a paying service and may be an affordable option for some sales reps. With Pattern, there is no need for separate investments into website hosting, design as all these things are included. The consolidation of services is an added advantage for you, as it helps minimize costs and makes your e-commerce a simple affair. This is due to the possibility that through a good-looking website, there will be an increase in the sale that may warrant the use of the Etsy pattern.


Etsy Pattern allows its sellers to scale or go slow depending on their stage of business development. If you are just starting an Etsy store or already have an established online presence, Pattern works around your needs. With growth in your business, you can enlarge your Patten site incorporating products, much more contents as well as other special features thus creating a scalable solution that would develop together with your success.

What Are the Disadvantages of Etsy Pattern?

Below are some of the disadvantages of using Etsy Pattern: 


The major limitation with Etsy pattern relates to the cost. Although it is a great tool for building websites, some sellers might think it is costly. This extra expense may not be viable for many retailers particularly the new beginners and ones that operate on shoestring budgets. Before choosing to have Etsy Pattern, you should weigh its costs against its advantages for your business.

Limited Customization 

Etsy Pattern has some degree of customization, however this does not compare to the full customization possibilities in creating a website entirely from scratch. The customization options could be slightly limiting for sellers with particular design demands or those who seek an absolutely exceptional web site. 

Limited Payment Processing Options 

Etsy Pattern integrates smoothly with Etsy Payments in handling payment processing and that may be useful to some of the sellers. However, this means that you are stuck with Etsy’s payment process systems making you unable to use different payment gateways. This can be a limitation if you wish to use another payment processor in your business.

Why Should You Choose Etsy Pattern?

Etsy Pattern would be an ideal choice for anyone looking to establish a professional online presence with expansion in mind or who wants to develop a professional online platform for their own business. Unlike many platforms, Etsy Pattern is easy to use and sellers can create their customized pages at ease with no need for any specialist in web design or coding. On top of that, it is a time saving platform providing membership of a vibrant community of actively involved sellers that share ideas, experience, or support.  

Generally, Etsy Pattern mixes key e-commerce characteristics with an encouraging platform that makes it the perfect choice for those vendors willing to strengthen their  online visibility and increase sales of their services or goods.

Who Should Use Etsy Pattern?

Here’s a breakdown of who should consider using Etsy Pattern:

  • Etsy Shop Owners: If you own an existing Etsy shop and would like a seamless and sophisticated online platform, Etsy Pattern stands as an ideal option. This makes it easy to connect your Etsy store with your website maintaining the same product listings inventory control, as well as order processing.
  • Sellers New to Website Building: The Etsy Pattern is easy in use, no deep knowledge of web design or coding is required. If you’re not a technical person or your idea of making a good website is limited to designing an excellent powerpoint presentation this can be your best bet.
  • Sellers Looking for Branding Control: You can set up an independent online presence with your own domain name, for example; using Etsy pattern for more control on the brand identity.
  • Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: Etsy Pattern is a boon for small and medium-sized businesses including artisans, craftsmen, and independent makers. The plug-in is an affordable way of increasing your accessibility above and beyond Etsy with all the professional look.
  • Sellers Focused on SEO: Are you looking for a way to increase the search visibility of your online store, bringing your site more organic visitors? Etsy Pattern comes equipped with its own set of optimized SEO tools aimed at boosting your page ranking.
  • Sellers Interested in Blogging: With Etsy Pattern, you can integrate a blog on your site for those in need of interacting with customers by posting blog contents. It’s a good way of passing on industry news, product release information, and your corporate story.

Is Etsy Pattern Worth It?

Etsy Pattern can be immensely useful for sellers seeking to establish a professional online persona and exert better control over their brand image. There are customizable themes, an integrated shopping cart, and sophisticated analytics that sellers can utilize to monitor the performance of their website.Nevertheless, there are downsides to it. For beginners or those with limited budgets, the cost of subscription to Etsy Pattern may be cumulative. However, with Rokеtfy tools, Etsy merchants can unlock their business potential and get a good return on their investment. Start your free plan of Rokеtfy and unlock these benefits today!