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Roketfy AI Writer vs ChatGPT | Etsy Content Writers

Now almost all of us keep on saying the artificial intelligence. Of course, it is obvious that artificial intelligence, which takes place in our minds like our favorite songs and movies, also makes our lives easier. Artificial intelligence, which works wonders in many areas from creating impressive visuals and designs to writing literary and academic texts and even coding, is also managing to show its stature in the field of e-commerce.

Roketfy AI Writer vs ChatGPT

Do you know how effective artificial intelligence is when it comes to protecting competition and increasing sales in markets? Let’s explore the use and future of artificial intelligence in e-commerce together by comparing Roketfy AI and ChatGPT.

What is Roketfy?

Roketfy is a platform that aims to enable sellers to succeed in e-commerce and reach their customers more effectively by using the power of data and artificial intelligence. By providing a single solution for different needs such as analysis, smart tools and reporting, it provides a usage experience suitable for the dynamics of the digital age.

Roketfy, which collects millions of data about sellers and consumers in marketplaces and processes them into precise recommendations, offers tools suitable for different purposes such as artificial intelligence supported AI Writer, Listing Checker, Reviews Analysis and Product Research.

Roketfy and Artificial Intelligence

Roketfy AI has been specially developed for different tasks such as creating product descriptions and analyzing data in markets. The main purpose of Roketfy artificial intelligence tools is to understand marketplace dynamics based on significant data and determine the steps that can be taken to successfully convert these dynamics into sales. For example, the AI-powered Reviews Analysis tool analyzes customers’ comments about certain products under different categories. It aims to support sellers to provide more professional services in these criteria by detecting positive and negative feedback in reviews on product dimensions, cargo, customer support, color and many other criteria.

Providing a comprehensive experience in the Product Description Author, Roketfy offers search engine data and useful suggestions about the products you specify with the option to just add a product link without connecting a store. This not only helps in generating product descriptions but also assists in executing these descriptions in a much better way than your competitors.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI and launched on November 30, 2022, is a chatbot with Generative Pre-Trained (GPT) features. ChatGPT, which is based on the Python programming language, is also known as an artificial intelligence tool that is shown as a great alternative to search engines and is based on text-based queries.

ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence

Using the GPT3 module as a basis for free use, ChatGPT scans the entire internet database in seconds thanks to its Python infrastructure and provides artificial intelligence supported answers for search queries. If we turn to the use of ChatGPT in the e-commerce sector, while ChatGPT can be beneficial in creating marketing-oriented and Etsy SEO-friendly content, it certainly requires the intervention and editing of real users in terms of performance and adequacy.

The main common point of texts such as product and category description is that it has some technical criteria for increased visibility in important components of digital marketing such as search engines. However, since ChatGPT is a chatbot, it cannot perform a professional SEO production process. In the digital age, considering the value of time and workforce, it becomes a disadvantage for sellers to dedicate their valuable time to editing product and category descriptions.

Comparison of Roketfy AI Writer and ChatGPT For Printing Product Description on Etsy

When it comes to artificial intelligence-based content, there are many options that users can choose. Although every artificial intelligence platform and algorithm offers impressive results in content production, things are obviously becoming a little different in e-commerce and SEO-compatible content. SEO-compatible content, which has many exceptions compared to standard texts, contains a different content structure for increased visibility in search engines. Product and category content should provide users with high-quality and accurate information while also incorporating technical criteria such as keywords that search engine bots pay attention to. So how successful are Roketfy and ChatGPT in SEO? Let’s take a closer look.

Roketfy on SEO Compatible Product Descriptions

First of all, let’s remind you that Roketfy is a platform developed entirely on e-commerce, especially Etsy. Roketfy’s AI-powered tools, equipped with a vast data pool fueled by millions of data points in the e-commerce sector, can generate product descriptions within seconds. Moreover, while doing this, it also examines the product and category descriptions of different sellers and stores in the market and produces the contents accordingly.

Integrated with comment and competitor analysis, Roketfy tools excel not only in informing and providing accurate information to users but also in capturing the attention of search engines by incorporating trending keywords in content generation. In short, the product descriptions produced by Roketfy perform above expectations in terms of SEO compliance and help stores achieve more sales figures.

ChatGPT in SEO Compliant Product Descriptions

In the same way, ChatGPT can also generate product descriptions in seconds. However, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool whose main task is a chatbot. To be more specific, ChatGPT was implemented with the task of an assistant where users can consult, get information and get inspiration on different topics. Despite this, it is actually quite successful in creating impressive and long texts. However, ChatGPT, which is currently available for free, is also a limited platform that feeds on data until 2021.

ChatGPT, which can do great work in academic texts, is also not bad when it comes to product descriptions. However, ChatGPT is not able to perform keyword usage and other SEO-based applications as thoroughly as Roketfy when creating product descriptions.

It’s Time to Face Off: Roketfy vs ChatGPT

In the experiment we conducted with the keyword “Ring” in both artificial intelligence tools, the results were extremely interesting. After specifying the product link in Roketfy’s AI-powered product description writer, when we enter “Ring” in the keyword research section, a product description is generated with just a single click, including other highly popular keywords in the marketplace. We also managed to make the product description more detailed with a single click. 

However, when we asked ChatGPT to write product content for a ring directly, it perceived the phrase “Ring” as a brand and prepared a text containing the products of a brand called Ring. When we tried again with a more detailed command to fix this problem, the result was more satisfactory. Although we got similar results, ChatGPT did not include keywords with high search volume and only revealed a text containing the main keyword. 

While both product descriptions include a brief introduction, areas of use, quality, and standout features of the product, Roketfy’s AI tool successfully prepared a text that will exhibit a more effective performance in the marketplace specifically for the ring product. On the other hand, ChatGPT, although the product features were successfully mentioned, unfortunately, it did not mention the SEO criteria that will increase the visibility of the product by customers in e-commerce. In addition, in the impressive and mobilizing use of CTA and brand language, Roketfy has managed to use an obviously more natural language thanks to the data it has.

Roketfy vs ChatGPT with Pros and Cons

Before reaching a final decision, it is useful to make a detailed examination of the advantages and disadvantages in line with the features offered to users by the tests and platforms we have performed. Please keep in mind that the content production test we conducted is not a completely decisive criterion for determining both artificial intelligence performances. A precise measurement of the ultimate success of both platforms may be possible by observing the production performance of artificial intelligence models in different tasks in detail. Nevertheless, the test we conducted will serve as a guiding tool for you to gain a clear understanding of the fundamental features and operational systems of platforms and tools specific to the e-commerce sector.

Roketfy AI Writer


  • A more efficient production performance thanks to highly detailed data about the market place.
  • The production process, which also puts SEO criteria at the forefront of product descriptions.
  • Interface design that offers an easy and fast user experience.
  • Effective SEO performance with advanced keyword suggestions.
  • Saving your team’s time and effort thanks to data-driven technologies.
  • Content production support in more than 100 languages.


  • Limited market support option. (For now)



  • The ability to change the content with commands.


  • Limited performance in terms of SEO compatibility.
  • The generated content should be independently added to the marketplaces.
  • Keyword research and reorganization of the text with related keywords.
  • Weak CTA and content structure that mobilizes the customer.

As a result, though both AI tools enable product description generation in e-commerce, as you can see, Roketfy AI Writer, which was developed entirely for this purpose, is a few steps ahead of ChatGPT. The main reason for this is that ChatGPT serves as a general-purpose chatbot, while Roketfy AI is specifically developed for sellers in the e-commerce sector.

In addition, the development of ChatGPT in natural language learning may also cause language and tone differences in the content produced. ChatGPT, especially in subjective and creative sentences, can encounter meaning distortions and may struggle to generate content that meets the expectations of sellers without user intervention.

In short, if you are a store owner who wants to achieve success in e-commerce and increase your sales, you can choose Roketfy, which has millions of data belonging to your market and competitors and improves your competitiveness, instead of ChatGPT, which has limited SEO features and requires long editing processes. Plus, you can try the useful Roketfy tools with free plan right now.