13 Black Friday Promotion Ideas for Etsy Sellers

Black Friday is, without question, the day of the year when many stores, both online and offline, see the highest deals. Etsy follows the same standards as any other online marketplace. The year’s single-largest sales event is now almost around the corner. Prepare your Etsy shop for the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales events.

Black Friday

The success or failure of your Etsy Black Friday marketing effort will significantly impact your bottom line. How, however, can you best attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to purchase during this massive sales event?

If you want to increase your sales and clientele this holiday season, here are some Etsy Black Friday promotion ideas you can rely on:

Distribute products to niche influencers ahead of Black Friday

Only celebrities with more than a million fans are considered true influencers. It would be fantastic if they highlighted your goods in their feed, but drawing their attention to your offering might be challenging. You may get more visibility for your Etsy shop by contacting micro-influencers or accounts with 1,000 to 50,000 followers. They may not have as many followers as the big names, but the ones they do have tend to value their judgment more.

Sending them free merchandise is a wonderful approach to increase your chances of being featured on their site. It’s important to get the word out about your Etsy Black Friday sale far in advance to ensure timely shipment and content creation by your influencers. Make careful to negotiate conditions with them in advance (such as a free product in exchange for a post on the main feed).

Add gifts to your Black Friday purchases


A freebie of any size may go a long way toward making a purchase an unforgettable experience for your clients. It increases the likelihood that they will make further purchases in the future. They may be enticed to make another purchase over the holiday if they get it around Black Friday.

You may include a sample of your most popular item (like a little candle in your signature smell) or a complimentary item (like a pen to go with your handcrafted journal). The size of the freebie is not important. Ensure it doesn’t detract much from your primary offering or profit margin. The competitor analysis tool from Roketfy can help identify what to do that other businesses in your niche haven’t figured out yet. With this tool, you may learn all there is to know about your rivals’ items, shops, and keywords. It offers more information, including popular items, keywords, and tags used to describe them.

Release exciting new items on Black Friday

Making brand-new offerings available for the Etsy Black Friday sale is a great method to generate more interest. You could want to roll them out after the sales pitch. In this method, you’ll have more chances to advertise your deal. Tell your email list subscribers and social media followers about the new product. It’s smart to remind them they can save money by purchasing the recently released item during the BFCM sale.

Create a tiered discount

When your Etsy store gives a tiered discount, you give a bigger cut to those who spend more. It’s a way to get people to spend and save more money. Discount tiers might be based on the total amount spent or quantity purchased. A tiered discount with a required minimum purchase value would look like this:

  • Save 10% on purchases under $50
  • Save 20% on all purchases $50-100
  • Spend over $100 and get a 30% discount!

Customers may spend more overall if they feel compelled to take advantage of a larger discount and purchase something they wouldn’t have otherwise. More merchandise sold usually means more money coming in and a bigger profit.

Optimize Etsy listings with Black Friday-related keywords


It’s a good idea to add relevant long-tail keywords to the titles and descriptions of your top-selling items before Black Friday. Black Friday Sale, Cyber Monday Deal, and BFCM Sale are good examples of keywords. You may reach out to consumers seeking Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales by optimizing your Etsy store for those terms. Increasing your customer base increases your likelihood of making a transaction. With the right keywords, you may attract buyers who otherwise wouldn’t have found your product. Roketfy’s keyword research tool can help you develop the best-fit keywords that enhance visibility to your potential customers. 

Organize the year’s biggest sale

Many consumers wait all year for the annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale to score exceptional discounts. Offering deeper discounts than normal might generate interest in the event and motivate customers to act quickly before the deals are no longer available. If you typically provide a 20% discount, for instance, offering a discount of 30%-50% during BFCM might be a smart move.

The simplest solution is to provide a flat % discount on some or all of your products. People like seeing huge red numbers and prices that have been crossed off, and this tactic is quite likely to be successful for the majority of merchants. 

Making unique product packages

Consider creating unique BFCM product packages to boost revenue. You may also use them to move your less popular products. In most cases, the total cost of a bundle is less than the sum of its parts. To move stock, you may bundle items in high demand with others that are lower in demand, or you can bundle together an item and its supplementary goods (like refills). In addition, you can use a product research tool from Roketfy to discover some of the profitable products and present them during the Etsy Black Friday sale. This tool lets you learn how the market moves and how much you could earn with your products.

Organize a social media giveaway

You may get new followers and boost engagement with a social media contest or giveaway. The aim is to get more people to see your content on the platform. The usual rules for entering a contest are to follow the account, like the post, and leave a comment.

However, while running a contest is tempting, it may reduce engagement in the long term, so this strategy isn’t foolproof. The new people who follow you due to the giveaway may not be interested in what you have to say, which will reduce the number of people who see your posts.

Put Search Engine Optimization first

Your listing’s search engine optimization is crucial during the Black Friday shopping event. After all, during this period, you should prioritize customer traffic. If clients never view your listings, no amount of deals can persuade them to purchase. Therefore, using the season’s most trending keywords and tags is essential.

Regarding SEO, Roketfy can help you save a ton of time. For instance, Roketfy’s keyword tools simplify zeroing down on the most effective search terms. You may modify your search terms without leaving the site. 

Access top-rated Black Friday shopping resources

It may make or break your business if you make it into a famous Black Friday gift guide. There is a growing demand for handmade goods from publications, bloggers, and influencers who want to include them in the holiday gift suggestions they provide for their readers.

It may be worth a shot to pitch your greatest items to newspapers despite the fierce competition to get included in gift guides. Between the middle of October and the beginning of November is prime time for making a pitch. Briefly explain who you’re writing for and why they should care about your product in an email or direct message.

Offer free shipping

Free shipping is one of retailers’ most conventional methods to improve average order values, so it’s not a radical idea. Establish a cutoff point for free delivery that won’t eat into your earnings, or set your prices accordingly. Research shows that customers value free delivery more than any other purchasing consideration. Therefore, during Etsy Black Friday, you can use free shipping to grow sales and please your consumers.

Free Shipping is a great way to win over consumers, but it comes at a cost. To better meet consumers expectations, Etsy has flexible shipping prices options. Etsy’s search engine considers free shipping when determining which items to list for each query. When you foot the bill for shipping, you may naturally set your prices lower than the competition. This is because the delivery cost is already included in the price of their items. In addition, it serves as an effective advertising medium.

So, how will Etsy’s free delivery policy boost sales during the Black Friday period?

  • Many astute buyers take advantage of free shipping offers after reaching a certain average order value (AOV).
  • Pay for at least two: Use a free delivery promotion to upsell.
  • Free delivery for a limited time frame, like during Etsy Black Friday, is a great way to boost sales during dull times or provide an extra boost during busy shopping seasons.

The pandemic increased the popularity of internet shopping. People are shifting toward online buying, even for necessities like masks, gloves, food, and apparel. Due to the free shipping policy, Etsy sees a spike in sales throughout Black Friday as customers stock up on various productions.

Consumers appreciate the enchantment of “Free Shipping” and are less likely to make a purchase when they know they won’t have to pay a lot to get their purchases home. The best part about offering free delivery is that Etsy will boost your product’s visibility in search results for relevant keywords while you’re busy attracting new customers. When the Black Friday period rolls around, receiving free delivery is like striking gold.

Promotional offers on a variety of products or categories

Customers may feel compelled to purchase more quickly when you use this kind of marketing to provide temporary price reductions on certain items or groups. In conjunction with email or social media marketing, you may alert consumers as the sale goes live. Customers might be enticed to return and buy additional items with the daily promotion. You can also use the Roketfy AI writer to develop excellent product descriptions for SEO purposes. Your Etsy listing assistant makes writing engaging, search-engine-optimized product descriptions simple and fast. You may get personalized suggestions from an AI  writer with only a few clicks based on analyzing the latest industry trends and popular search terms. Roketfy’s AI-powered feedback allows you to anticipate customer issues and guide them toward your store’s strongest points, reducing the likelihood that they will click away.

Donate to organizations that share your brand values

How can you provide your customers with Black Friday offers? Your Etsy Black Friday campaign might consist of donating to a charity where you and your ideal clientele share a belief. Doing so may boost your company’s reputation in the eyes of consumers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities to give back to the community by donating a portion of your sales. The typical range is 5%-10% of income. Updating your social network or Etsy store after contributing to show your support is a good idea.

You can boost your earnings using Roketfy. This service provides insightful recommendations to help you boost sales by analyzing your Etsy pricing, listings, rivals, and content.  As an Etsy seller, you will always seek to expand into new markets or increase your profits. In such a situation, you need to do specialized study just as much as someone brand new to the platform. Roketfy’s AI-powered feedback allows you to anticipate customer issues and guide them toward your store’s strongest points, reducing the likelihood that they will click away. With the Roketfy resources at your disposal, you now have a thorough understanding of Etsy’s most profitable marketplaces and the ability to research any niche or sub-niche. Roketfy allows you to increase sales while facing the least competition imaginable. Take advantage of Roketfy’s free plan to see how the app may increase your business’s revenue.