12 Best Selling Digital Product Ideas on Etsy in 2024

Find the best-selling digital product ideas on Etsy in 2024. Explore the latest trends and most popular digital products to sell on Etsy, including digital art, printables, and more. Are you looking for the top-selling digital products on Etsy in 2024? With the rise of e-commerce, digital products have become increasingly popular, and Etsy is a prime marketplace for creative entrepreneurs to sell their digital creations.

12 Best Selling Digital Product Ideas on Etsy in 2024

From digital art to printables and more, there is a wide range of digital products in high demand on Etsy. In this article, we’ll explore Etsy’s most popular and best-selling digital product ideas to help you start or grow your online business.

What Is Etsy?

Etsy is an online marketplace founded in 2005 that provides a platform for individuals and small businesses to sell handmade, vintage, and unique goods. The company is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, and has millions of active buyers and sellers worldwide. Etsy’s digital product ideas categories include jewelry, clothing, home décor, art, craft supplies, and more. The site’s mission is to empower people to turn their creative passions, into successful businesses, and to help buyers discover unique, one-of-a-kind items that they can’t find anywhere else. The company has become a go-to destination for consumers seeking handmade and vintage items and is seen as a pioneer of the sharing economy and the maker movement.

How To Sell Digital Products On Etsy?

To sell digital products on Etsy, first, create an account and set up your shop. Then, list your digital product by uploading the files, choosing a thumbnail image, writing a detailed description, and setting a price. Make sure to comply with Etsy’s guidelines and clearly communicate the terms of use for your product. Use keywords and tags to improve visibility in search results. Consider offering promotions or discounts to attract customers and encourage sales. Interact with customers through the Etsy platform to build positive relationships and receive feedback. Continuously evaluate and improve your offerings to maximize success on the platform.

What Products We Can Sell On Etsy?

There are several digital products to sell on Etsy, but for your comfort, we have listed the most trending products here.

1) Printable Planners:

Etsy’s nearly 1 million results for “planner” search queries are a testament to the high demand for planners in the marketplace. Creating and selling printable planners, such as those for diets, workouts, study plans, and more, can be a lucrative opportunity. However, it’s important to note that the demand for these printable planners is somewhat seasonal, with increased orders typically seen during major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. This is because many buyers take advantage of the end of the year to reflect on their past accomplishments and set new goals for the coming year. So you can consider selling this digital item to sell on Etsy.

2) Logo:

A logo digital product is a digital design that represents a brand’s identity and can be used in various mediums such as websites, business cards, social media, and marketing materials. On Etsy, popular logo digital products include customizable logo design templates, pre-made logo sets, and logo design services. These digital downloads to sell on Etsy allow small business owners and entrepreneurs to create a professional and cohesive brand image without the high cost of hiring a graphic designer. Logo digital products on Etsy are popular because they provide an affordable and convenient solution for creating a memorable brand.

3) Social Media:

Social media has become a popular digital product on Etsy in 2024, as more and more people are seeking ways to build their online presence and grow their personal or business brand. Social media graphics and templates, custom Instagram highlight covers, and professional Twitter headers are among the top-selling items on Etsy. Additionally, many sellers offer social media management services such as creating and scheduling posts, handling customer engagement and analyzing performance data.

Another digital item to sell on Etsy is social media, the rise of branded content. Etsy sellers are now offering customized content such as branded Instagram posts, Facebook ads, and custom videos to help businesses promote their products or services.

Etsy shoppers are also looking for tools to help them grow their social media following, such as ebooks on social media strategy, growth hacks, and marketing tips. Moreover, a popular digital product is a personalized feedback and mentorship from experienced social media influencers or marketers.Overall, social media continues to be a growing market for digital products on Etsy as more people are looking for ways to enhance their online presence and drive their personal or business brand. The options for digital products in the social media space are vast and constantly evolving, making it an exciting time for both shoppers and sellers alike.

4) Templates:

Etsy is a thriving marketplace for digital products and there are several popular items that sell well on the platform. In 2024, some of the most sought-after digital products include unique and eye-catching resume templates, personalized social media graphics and post templates, printable wall art and inspirational quotes, custom wedding invitations and save-the-date templates, and digital planner templates for organizing one’s schedule and goals. With the growing demand for all things digital and the increasing popularity of online marketplaces, these products are sure to be a hit with customers in the coming year.

5) E-books:

Ebooks are a popular digital product on Etsy, as they offer a low-cost and convenient way for customers to access information and knowledge. Ebooks can be easily created and distributed online, making them a cost-effective option for sellers to offer a wide range of topics such as self-help, cooking, fashion, and travel. The demand for ebooks is increasing as people seek easy access to information on various topics. Ebook sales on Etsy can provide an additional stream of income for creators, who can leverage their expertise and knowledge to build a loyal following and establish a successful brand.

6) Business-Card:

Business cards are a popular digital product on Etsy in 2024. With the rise of remote work and virtual events, digital business cards offer a convenient and eco-friendly way to share contact information. Digital business cards can be customized with personal branding elements such as logos, images, and color schemes, and they can be easily shared via email or a QR code. Additionally, digital business cards offer the ability to track who has viewed them and when making it easier for business owners to follow up and make connections. Overall, digital business cards offer a unique, modern twist on a classic networking tool and are a top-selling digital product on Etsy this year.

7) Diary:

Digital diaries have become a popular digital product on Etsy in 2024. With more people looking for ways to organize their lives and keep track of personal thoughts and experiences, digital diaries offer a convenient and easily accessible solution. These diaries can be customized with personal themes and designs, and they often come with features such as password protection and the ability to add photos and videos. Digital diaries also offer the advantage of being easily backed up and accessible on multiple devices, making them a great option for people who are always on the go. Overall, digital diaries are a top-selling digital product on Etsy this year, offering users an organized and visually appealing way to reflect on their lives.

8) Wallpapers:

Digital wallpapers have become a popular digital product on Etsy in 2024. With more people spending time at home and looking to personalize their living spaces, digital wallpapers offer a cost-effective and customizable way to transform the look of a room. These wallpapers come in a variety of styles, from nature scenes to abstract designs, and they can be easily downloaded and applied to a computer, phone, or tablet. Digital wallpapers are also a great option for people looking to experiment with new design trends, as they can be easily changed without the commitment of a permanent renovation. Overall, digital wallpapers are a top-selling digital product on Etsy this year, offering a fun and simple way for people to express their personal style and brighten up their digital space.

9) Phone Wallpapers

Phone wallpapers are one of the most popular digital downloads on Etsy. They’re simple to produce and have high demand – especially if you focus on specific niches. On the downside, they typically sell at very low prices, so you’ll want to either offer a wide variety or offer bundles to drive up AOV.

To design phone wallpapers that will work on any phone, you’ll want to follow a few guidelines:

  • Make your designs at least 1440 px by 2560 px (9:16)
  • Offer your designs in high-quality .jpg format

The best selling digital products on Etsy always have a very specific audience in mind. That means, instead of uploading generic art to sell as phone wallpapers, you’ll want to zero in on 1-3 niches with every product.

Here are a few examples:

  • Minimalist fall wallpapers for iPhone and Android
  • Vintage goth phone wallpapers
  • Elegant black and white texture phone wallpapers

The more specific your products are, the more likely you are to sell them! 

10) iOS App Icons

Another one of the best digital downloads to sell on Etsy is iOS app icons! Ever since iOS 14, iPhone users have had the option to customize their app icons, which has opened a massive market for digital artists and graphic designers to target Apple users with niche digital products.

To design app icons for iPhone, you’ll want to follow a few guidelines:

  • Make your designs square and at least 500 px by 500 px (1:1)
  • Keep your icons sharp and simple, since they will be small on the phone screen
  • Offer your designs in high-quality .jpg, .png, and .svg formats

As with phone wallpapers, it’s best to target a specific niche with your app icon designs:

  • Steampunk social media icons
  • Cyberpunk productivity app icons
  • Minimalist vaporwave app icons

Your icon packs will almost always sell better as bundles, so don’t forget to compress them into a .zip file when you upload them!

11) Digital Art Printables

If you’re a gifted illustrator, you can earn good money selling digital art printables on Etsy. You might already be used to selling art prints – printables are similar, just much easier! 

With art prints, you have to order stock, track your inventory, and ship products. With digital art printables, all you do is send the customer a file, then they can take it to a print shop or print it themselves! This saves you time and money so that you can focus on producing more art.

To design art printables, you’ll want to follow a few guidelines:

  • Make your designs as large as you can (at least 300 DPI) so they will print clearly
  • Make sure your customers understand they are buying digital files ONLY
  • Offer your designs in high quality .jpg, .png, or .svg formats

Marketing your digital art printables will be similar to marketing physical art. You’ll want to lean into your distinct style and design with a particular customer in mind. If possible, create your pieces in a niche to maximize exposure:

  • Library-Inspired printable poster for book lovers
  • Minimalist printable astrological signs wall art
  • Surreal space-themed printable wall art

12) Printable Cards (Thank You Cards and Greeting Cards)

If you’re already exploring digital printables, you should also consider designing printable greeting cards and thank you cards. 

Similar to printable wall art, you can send these designs to your customers as digital files and they can print them locally. This allows you to sell your printable cards anywhere in the world!

To design printable cards, you’ll want to follow a few guidelines:

  • Design the front, back, and inside of your cards
  • Consider including a subtle link to your website on the back of the card 
  • Offer your designs in high quality .jpg, .png, or .svg formats

Just like with the other products we’ve covered here, you’ll want to create your designs for specific niches. You can do this by customizing both the style and the contents of your cards.

  • Spring-themed thank-you cards for professionals
  • Space-themed birthday cards for children
  • Minimalist sympathy cards for deaths and funerals


In conclusion, the digital product market on Etsy in 2024 is thriving with innovative and creative offerings. From digital business cards to wallpapers and diaries, the options for personalizing one’s digital space are endless. These products offer consumers a convenient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way to express their personal style and meet their organizational needs. As technology continues to advance and people spend more time in their digital environments, the demand for digital products is expected to grow. Roketfy offers a variety of tools to help you succeed on Etsy, including the Roketfy Listing Checker, which analyzes your shop’s performance and provides actionable insights for improvement. The Roketfy AI Writer Tool is also helpful for crafting compelling product descriptions and titles. Additionally, the Roketfy AI Reviews tool can help you manage customer feedback and improve your shop’s reputation. With the help of these tools, you can increase your visibility on Etsy and grow your business.