8 Tips To Get More Sales On Etsy

Etsy can be an extremely lucrative side hustle – or even a full-time business – but only if you have a strong strategy. It’s not enough to simply pick a good Etsy store name, open up a shop, and wait for sales to come in.

8 Tips To Get More Sales On Etsy

The key to increasing Etsy sales is to build a marketing and sales plan that will attract new customers and incentivize your previous buyers to return frequently. A strong strategy will integrate social media, SEO, clever upselling, and customer service to help you get more sales on Etsy.

If you want to learn how to increase Etsy sales, keep reading for 9 key Etsy selling tips!

Optimize Your Titles And Descriptions

The first thing you’ll want to do when creating listings on Etsy is tailor your product titles and descriptions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Etsy has a powerful algorithm, but it can’t identify your products unless you describe them.

The best way to maximize SEO for Etsy is to use a tool like Roketfy Keyword Research to find popular keywords in your niche, then to use those keywords in your titles and descriptions. 

When making your keyword plan, it’s best to target an underserved niche. For example the search term “cool stickers” will likely turn up a lot of very popular results, so if you want your stickers to be found, you’ll want to focus on a specific long-tail search term.

Here are some examples of long-tail keywords:

  • Cute girly stickers for summer
  • Organic linen shirts for large men
  • Birthday gifts for philosophy lovers

Tag Your Products Appropriately

In addition to maximizing SEO, you’ll also want to leverage product tags to maximize exposure. When you list products on Etsy, you may select up to 13 tags to categorize your items. You should always use all 13 tags.

The great thing about tags is that you can use one root word to make your item appear for variations of that term. For example, if you use the tag “fire,” your item will appear in searches for “fire,” “firey,” “fires,” “fired,” “firelight,” “firefighter,” and “firestarter.”

Use tags to make sure your items appear in all relevant categories.

Offer Bundles

One of the best methods of getting more sales on Etsy is offering product bundles. If you offer a variety of items, consider creating listings that include several items at a slightly discounted price.

Not only will this make your bundles more attractive, but it will also make it easier for your customers to make a quick decision. While it’s great to have a wide variety of items, it can sometimes be overwhelming for customers to decide what to buy while they browse your shop.

By offering bundles, you can drive up your Average Order Value by selling more items with each purchase. This is helpful in the long run because it’s easier to sell two items to one person than it is to sell one item to two people.

Ship Quickly (And Safely)

Another key to getting sales on Etsy is shipping quickly. If you have the time to process orders daily, consider listing a handling time of 1-2 business days. Customers are more likely to purchase if they’re confident you’ll ship quickly – especially during holidays!

Of course, while you’re shipping quickly, you also want to ship safely. If you’ve ever had a package destroyed in the mail, you know how disappointing it can be. 

The best way to avoid damage during shipping is to take extra care when shipping. Pack fragile items carefully and make sure they are taped securely. Make sure to ship bulky items in proper packaging – it’s not worth saving a few pennies on packaging if your items arrive damaged!

Add Bonus Pack-Ins

Another great way to boost Etsy sales is to include strategic pack-ins with every shipment. You can either design these yourself or hire someone to design them for you.

Here are a few things to include in your packaging:

  • A handwritten thank you note
  • A free sticker
  • A printed card with item care instructions
  • A contact slip with your email and social media
  • A discount code with a QR code that leads back to your store
  • A mini art print or a small sketch

When it comes to shipment pack-ins, it’s best to get creative. Think of small, cheap ways you can make your customer smile and feel important. Sometimes a thank you card is all it takes to get a 5-star review.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

One of the best ways to build a good reputation and get more Etsy sales is to make customer service your top priority. As a business owner, you should refuse to “win” unless your customer “wins,” too.

That means you should be easily accessible via Etsy chat if your customer has any questions. If something goes wrong with the order, you should do everything you can to fix it. Even if you have to give an occasional refund, it’s better than receiving a bad review.

Ask For Customer Reviews

Last but not least, another great way to get more sales on Etsy is to ask every customer to leave a review. There are several ways to do this without being obnoxious:

  • Include a thank-you card asking customers to leave a review if they like your product
  • Send a message when you ship the order suggesting that your customer leave a review if they’re satisfied
  • Provide such excellent customer service that your customers won’t be able to resist leaving you a great review

Customer reviews are a major factor in consumer purchases, so the more good reviews you have, the better.

How To Get More Sales On Etsy With AI

Hopefully, these tips gave you some good ideas about how to boost Etsy sales for your store. Running an Etsy store requires a lot of experimentation, so if one strategy isn’t working, don’t be afraid to switch things up.

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