Roketfy vs eRank All Feature Comparison

Hello, dear Etsy sellers! In this blog post, we will compare eRank and Roketfy tools you use for keyword research. We know how important accurate, reliable data is crucial for you. Now let’s quickly move on to our blog post!

Roketfy vs eRank All Feature Comparison

What is eRank? How to Use It?

eRank is a keyword research tool developed for Etsy sellers. At the same time, you can track the ranking between you and your competitors and view trends. You can do 5 keyword research on the free plan, and then you can upgrade for $5.99. 

In order to use eRank, you must register and confirm your account from the “eRank Activation” e-mail sent to your e-mail address. After entering the eRank Dashboard, you must click the “Keyword Research” button. You are ready to do research!

Before You Start Researching: 

eRank conducts research based on the top 100 best-listed products, this is a constant. You can do country-based research (USA, FRA, CAN, AUS, DEU, EU) Research results are given based on the last 12 months.

What Data Will You See in the Keyword You Research in eRank?

  • Only the US has ETSY data (other countries do not).
  • You can review the most popular categories and tags.
  • You can examine the average price, the number of views (daily, weekly, monthly), and the number of favorites. 
  • You can get new keyword ideas based on the keyword you are researching.
  • You can review the top 100 best-listed products.
  • You can review the price range and shipping times. 

What Data is Available in eRank Keyword Research Ideas?

First of all, we would like to remind you that you have limited access if you are using a free plan. However, if you upgrade to a higher plan, you will have the following data.

  • Number of labels used,
  • Average number of searches according to Etsy data,
  • Average click-through rate,
  • Competition according to Etsy data,
  • Search trend (based on data from the last 15 months)
  • Number of Google searches,
  • Long-tail keyword advice,
  • Google Trends

What is Roketfy? How to use it?

Roketfy is an all-inclusive tool for Etsy sellers. While doing keyword research, you can also improve your listing quality or generate descriptions for your products. You can do 10 keyword research on the free plan, and then you can upgrade the plan with prices starting at $18.

(In this blog, we will talk about keyword research and focus on it).

To use Roketfy, you first need to register. After registration, you can start keyword research on Etsy by going to the “Keyword Research” field on the left in the Dashboard. 

Before You Start Researching

You can research according to the country you are going to research and the Top 48, 100, and 500 best-listed products. We leave the choice to you. Research data is updated month by month. This gives you dynamic analysis and keeps you on top of the market.

What Data Will You See in the Keyword You Research in Roketfy?

  • Number and difficulty of searches according to Etsy data
  • Search trends according to Google and Etsy data
  • Competition and its difficulty
  • Number of unique visitors
  • Total number of views
  • Average price, number of favorites
  • Price range and minimum price
  • Processing date
  • Best-listed products (48,100,500)
  • Most popular categories and tags
  • Ability to export data

What Data is Available in Roketfy Keyword Research Ideas?

  • You can examine different Etsy volumes for different keyword suggestions. 
  • You can review the Etsy Competition status.
  • You can examine Etsy Search trends.
  • You can examine Google search data.
  • You can examine Google’s cost per click.
  • You can examine Google competition status.
  • You can get long-tail keyword suggestions.
  • You can examine Google Trends.

Roketfy’s Difference from eRank

  • With eRank, you have limited rights and usage for free. With Roketfy, you have higher usage rights and no limitations.
  • When you upgrade, you get a higher Keyword Research right and you can take advantage of the side tools and optimize your store further.
  • You won’t find smart tools like Listing Checker, Product Description Writer, Comment Analysis in eRank.
  • You see analysis results in the fastest way. We know this is important because your time is precious.
  • You view the number of unique visitors.
  • According to Etsy data, you can research USA, DE, UK, CA, FR, AU and TR, because each keyword has different results in different countries. This is very important for accurate market research and SEO.
  • Simple dashboard and ease of use.


With Roketfy, you can optimize your store with other smart tools while doing the right keyword research. Start trying Roketfy for free for 14 days. Also check out this playlist on how to use Roketfy. 👇🏻