Roketfy Q1 Updates

As the Roketfy team, we constantly strive to improve the experience we offer to our users and better meet their needs. In this direction, we are excited to share with you many new features and improvements that come with the latest updates to our technology.

Roketfy Q1 Updates

As a rapidly growing SaaS tool, we want to provide you with detailed information about the new features and tools in the expanding and evolving range of Roketfy. By following these exciting developments, you can learn how to use Roketfy more effectively and achieve success at rocket speed in your business!

Let’s dive into our new features without wasting any time:

Removed API Connection

All sales improvement recommendations are now presented without the need for a connection! In order to make the process much safer and easier, we have transitioned to a new structure that does not require an API connection. This way, using the system will become more practical and you will be able to reach the quick results you want more comfortably.

Developed Our Own Reviews Analysis Technology

We have started analyzing comments on marketplaces without using external sources! Thanks to its excellent features, we have increased the speed of comment analysis by 15 times and raised the accuracy rate from 75% to 89%. This means that the quality of our product and services has increased significantly! With these updates, we aim to provide our users with faster, more accurate, and effective solutions.

Totally redesigned the AI Writer and Listing Optimization Interfaces

With the redesigned interfaces of the AI Writer and Listing Optimization Tools, we are providing a stunning user experience. By prioritizing usability and design, we offer you the necessary tools to achieve better results. With these updates, you will enhance the speed and efficiency of your business, giving you a competitive advantage.

We Updated the AI Writer with GPT-4 Technology

To further enhance the success of the Product Description Writer, we updated it with the latest and most advanced AI technology, GPT-4. As a result, your product descriptions will be created more effectively and understandably, attracting more potential customers.

We Designed a Mobile Interface Version

We aim to provide you with technology that you can access anytime, anywhere, keeping up with the demands of our time. Now, you can quickly and easily manage your tasks on your smartphones or tablets, reaching more customers and increasing your sales.

We Made Our Product Research Tool Stronger and Faster

We have made several significant improvements to our new research tool, aiming to make the product research process more efficient and accurate. We are delighted to offer you a technology that will strengthen your sales strategies, speed up your product research process to find the right products, and increase your sales figures.

Increased Speed and Efficiency: With this update, we are increasing your product research speed almost five times, enabling you to reach results more quickly. This way, you can better respond to potential customer expectations and take action faster when opportunities arise.

Surprising Sales Data Accuracy: We know how important data accuracy is and attach great importance to this issue. That is why we have increased the sales data accuracy of our tool to 95%! Now, based on more accurate and reliable data, you can make smarter decisions.

We Developed an AI-Powered Title Recommendation Technology

You should try this service that helps you stand out from your competitors by highlighting the most clicked and purchased titles of your products.

Features offered by our service:

  • An AI algorithm that automatically recommends the best and unique titles,
  • Optimization based on demand and search volumes in the market,
  • Selection of the most suitable titles for you by getting inspired by successful and popular titles.

If you also want to succeed on Etsy and increase your sales, you should try our AI-powered title recommendation service!

We will soon share three new tools equipped with newly developed technologies and features. Keep following us to get more information about our new products and updates.

As a rapidly growing and evolving SaaS tool, we want to provide you with more information about our new features and tools. By following these exciting developments, get ready to take your business to the next level with Roketfy!

See you again!