10 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Organic Growth

Instagram’s over 2 billion monthly active users place it among the top five social media platforms. Since launching in 2010, Instagram has steadily gained new and maintained a notable loyal user base. Imagine tapping into such an extensive pool and amassing organic followers for your brand.

10 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Organic Growth

Every entrepreneur and marketer on Etsy strives to realize massive organic follower growth. Implementing the right strategies and leveraging Roketfy’s innovative features can help you grow a huge organic following, convert them into active customers, and increase sales. Let’s dive into organic Instagram growth, why it matters, and how you can improve your strategy for better results.

What is Organic Growth?

Organic Instagram growth entails amassing followers without relying on paid means like ads or artificial approaches such as buying followers. You achieve organic growth through natural means like providing quality content, actively engaging with the audience, and building a community around your brand. Your Instagram accounts develop and grow faster through real and organic followers. 

Advantages of Growing Your Instagram Account Organically

Organic follower growth takes time and consistent effort, but is it worth the investment? For starters, if you inorganically grow your Instagram, you could alienate the genuine followers and hurt your brand’s credibility. Even worse, if discovered, Instagram will suspend your account. Away from the negative impacts, what do you stand to gain? Here are the top benefits of organic Instagram growth.



Organic Instagram growth does not rely on paid ads, so you won’t set a budget and make an upfront financial investment to reach your target users. Ad campaigns can dig deeper into your finances, especially when your social media growth isn’t delivering notable revenue. Organic growth saves you more money while attracting genuine users who are likelier qualified leads you can easily convert.

Enhanced Brand Credibility

Hacks like buying Instagram followers result in massive followers but hardly notable engagement. This hurts your brand’s credibility, which is the opposite of what growing a huge following is all about. Organic Instagram growth ensures you only attract genuine followers who enjoy your content and feel attached to your brand. This means they’ll actively engage with your brand and improve credibility. The comments and shares go a long way in building the social signals you need for SEO and establishing authoritativeness beyond the social media platform.


The last thing you want is to grow your Instagram account only for it to be suspended. You can scale from ten thousand to two million followers within a day, only to wake up the next day to find your account has been suspended. When you grow your Instagram organically, such issues won’t bother you. The genuine interactions and growth won’t raise suspicion, limiting the chances of losing your Instagram account.

Actionable Insights

At the core of effective social media and overall marketing strategies lie data-driven decisions. You can use Instagram insights to gather valuable information and make decisions. Organic Instagram growth ensures you get actionable data since the analytics will be based on genuine followers and engagements.

Long-term Impact

Cultivating relationships with genuine Instagram users leads to long-term results. You’ll grow a genuine user base that engages with your brand and is more likely to be converted into active customers. For example, you can promote your Etsy shop on Instagram and secure more sales since genuine followers are interested in your brand.

10 ways to Boost Your Organic Growth on Instagram

Organic Instagram follower growth is worth the work. The benefits can set you aside from competitors and advance your brand’s growth. But how do you go about it? Here are ten proven ways to grow your Instagram organically.

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  1. Profile Optimization

The first step is to create a compelling and descriptive bio. Use Roketfy’s AI Writer to generate SEO-optimized description that clearly communicates your brand story. From there, include a recognizable profile photo or your brand’s logo. You can then add a link to your shop or landing page.

Leverage common search phrases to optimize the profile with relevant keywords. Roketfy’s Keyword Research will help you find common keywords in your niche. This way, you can optimize the profile with what users often input when searching for something on Instagram, like beautiful summer shoes.

An optimized profile ranks higher on Instagram searches and suggested content feeds. This improves your visibility and attracts more followers and engagements, increasing organic Instagram growth.

  1. Know Your Target Audience

Who are your target audiences, and what are their preferences, behaviors, and interests? If you are an Etsy seller, knowing and applying the answers to these questions correctly will increase your sales. Establishing this makes crafting content that resonates with the audience easier, allowing you to capture their attention and keep them interested in your brand. This ensures you keep gaining traffic and win more followers for organic Instagram growth. 

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags offer a great chance to grow a community around your brand. Research the popular hashtags, but don’t mindlessly use them. Unrelated or overly broad hashtags are unlikely to drive traffic to your profile. You can use Roketfy’s keyword research feature to establish the common phrases in your niche. Use the keywords to create relevant and niche-specific hashtags and content. You can even use branded hashtags for a more targeted audience.

For a more comprehensive approach, you can leverage Roketfy’s competitor analysis. This will help you discover your competitors’ actions, including the top keywords and tags. Competitor Analysis enables you to uncover where you’re falling short and identify gaps in their strategies. Besides organic Instagram, competitor analysis can help improve your sales by listing stronger and gaining an edge over the competitors. 

  1. Quality Content

Quality content is the foundation of organic Instagram follower growth, which you can enrich with Roketfy’s AI Writer. Visually appealing and engaging content like photos and videos are easily sharable. The sharing helps you reach an extensive user base as you tap into your followers’ network. Remember to use a consistent style, theme, and color palette for better branding impact.

  1. Consistency

Besides consistency in your branding efforts, you must also be consistent with your posts to keep the audience engaged. You can’t upload a post today, disappear for weeks, then make another and expect notable engagements. Develop and stick to a practical posting schedule, accounting for the optimal window when your users are often online. Such consistency means you won’t lose your followers to the competitors and helps realize better organic follower growth.

  1. Engage the Audience

A common pitfall that slows many brands’ efforts to grow a significant social media following is focusing on marketing and forgetting the “social” bit. Engaging your audience shows appreciation, which can inspire loyalty. Comment, like, share, respond to their input, and initiate conversations with your audience. This will help foster healthier relationships and generate notable organic Instagram follower growth.

You can even leverage user reviews and ratings to enhance your interactions. Roketfy’s AI Reviews assistant analyzes customer reviews and comments, helping you understand their sentiments and expectations. This will help ensure you know the users more and facilitate better engagements.

  1. Contests and Giveaways   

Healthy contests and giveaways get users talking about your brand, making it an excellent strategy to grow your Instagram organically. Set your goals and clear contest rules aligned to your goals. In this case, you aim to gain more followers and engagements, meaning you can set the requirements like tagging, sharing, and commenting on a post. Ensure you pick a good prize related to your brand to prompt users to participate and remain engaged after the contest.

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  1. User-generated Content

Social proof is among the best ways to build credibility and win users’ trust. User-generated content (UGC) is the most effective way to incorporate social proof into your strategy. Encourage your Instagram followers to create content related to your brand, including sharing their unboxing experience or product review. Once they post the content, reshare it and give them credit as a show of appreciation. Such measures encourage more engagement and help you tap into the followers’ network. This makes your efforts for organic follower growth on Instagram more productive.

  1. Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers have already gained considerable followers. Collaborating with influencers can help position your brand in front of millions of Instagram users. The trick here is to pick influencers aligned with your brand values. It is also wise to work with an influencer with content in your niche since they are more likely to have followers who could be interested in your brand.

Influencer collaborations are invaluable in your social media marketing quests since they help drive more traffic to your brand faster. You’ll supercharge your organic follower growth on Instagram and secure more business while fostering healthy relationships with well-known social media influencers.

  1. Keep up With the Trends

What’s trending today on instagram could be obsolete in a few days. Moreover, Instagram algorithm updates mean that your measures to rank better could be outdated. Stay on your toes and leverage the top trends to remain relevant. This way, your followers won’t ditch you for competitors offering fresh and trending content.

Organic growth + Roketfy tools = Increased sales

Organic Instagram follower growth takes work and may not be fun. Nonetheless, you attract genuine users likelier to be interested in your brand. Such users can engage with you even outside the social media platform. You can easily drive the followers to your shop and increase sales since they are already interested in your brand.

As you work to grow your Instagram organically and improve sales to become a star seller on Etsy, you can’t overlook the value of notable tools in the market. Besides the mentioned features, Roketfy offers other tools, including:

  • Product research: This tool helps you research the market to establish the best products you can sell on Etsy, including their estimated monthly turnover. Product Research tool helps ensure you sell products with high potential, improving profitability. 
  • Listing checker: The assistant evaluates your listings to find potential issues. The tool provides recommendations to fix such concerns. Listing Checker helps optimize your Etsy listings quickly, rank better, and secure more sales.

Instagram organic growth is a great way to accumulate genuine followers you can drive to your shop and convert into buying customers. Roketfy helps you get there by providing innovative tools to optimize your shop and listings. Sign up today for a free plan and see how incorporating Roketfy’s tools can boost your Etsy sales.