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    Listing Optimization

    It is a listing optimization service that analyzes the SEO structure of your store on Etsy, your competitors, your prices, your content, the ranking power of your products, and offers suggestions and actions to correct your deficiencies, if any.

    What is Listing Optimization?

    Listing Optimization Features

    Listing Optimization provides data-based smart technologies on a single screen from which you can complete and easily act on its recommendations and increase your sales.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to frequently asked questions about the Listing Optimization

    How Does a Listing Optimization Work?
    In order to view the analysis of your products, you can first add a product from scratch by using the "Add New Product" section, or you can transfer the existing products in your store to the Listing Optimization section from the "Upload Products by URL" section.

    When adding a new product, you can add your new products to your store by entering all the information about your product, to which you have connected the API information.

    When uploading a product with a URL, you must enter the link of the product in your store. You can then customize your analysis by entering relevant keywords or activating the category analysis option.

    The analysis will take a few minutes to complete after all processes are complete.
    Why Should I Use a Listing Optimization?
    Listing Optimization presents you with action suggestions for your products that you think are not enough to rank in the marketplace.

    Thanks to the Listing Optimization, you can quickly learn all the details you need to develop from the price of your product to its title, images and product content, in a short time and from a single screen, and you can increase your rankings and sales by improving the details of your product.
    What is Content Analysis?
    All written and visual content containing the information of your products fall within the scope of content analysis. The contents of your products are tested for compliance with market dynamics and SEO structure with necessary technical analysis. In this way, you can learn the ranking power of your products and view the action suggestions you need to take.
    What Does a Listing Optimization's Advice Do?
    Parts that are found to be missing or successful as a result of the Listing Optimization analysis are affected according to their weight in the Roketfy scoring, actions and recommendations to be taken are presented in clear graphics.

    These recommendations include all the details that will directly affect your store performance and product sales success. You can increase your rankings and increase your sales directly thanks to the actions you can take from the same screen.
    Can I Change the Products I've Uploaded to the Listing Optimization?
    Yes. You can continue to use your existing Listing Optimization rights by replacing them with new products at least 2 hours after the analysis is completed.

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