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What is Etsy Welcome Policy? How to Write a Welcome Policy?

What is Etsy’s Welcome Policy? How to Write a Welcome Policy?

Thanks to technological advancements and trends, doing business has become much simpler today. These trends have made it possible for businesses to stay ahead when it comes to competition and also enable them to maintain a smooth production process. One of the smartest moves you could make for your business is to administer an Etsy welcome policy. The good thing about Etsy is that it is easy to set up and maintain, it is a trusted platform, and the Etsy policies are simple to live by. 

How to Write a Welcome Policy

Here is a three-step guide to writing a good welcome policy for Etsy:

Step 1

The first step in writing a welcome policy is accessing a desktop, laptop, or computer. The Etsy app does not permit amending or adding new policies. This makes it necessary that you use a web browser.

Step 2

Once you are on the Etsy website, you are required to click the settings button. This is found at the substructure of the left hand. To edit the policies, visit the shop manager at the top of your screen. Here, you can quickly adjust the policies to your liking.

Step 3

The final step is choosing the policies you want to work on. This could be return exchanges, cancellations, privacy, or fixed policies.

When Can I Edit My Shop’s Welcome Policy?

How long do I have to wait for me to change or edit a welcome policy? Is there a timeline? These are examples of only but a few frequently asked questions. Well, the good news is that you get to change or edit a policy whenever you may feel the need to. To avoid confusing your prospective clients, an email with the updated welcome policy is sent to them when they are purchasing from you. 

Reasons You Should Have a Good Welcome Policy

The objective of every business is to enhance their every day sales. However, this may demand a smoother action. Below are reasons why a great welcome policy is important for your business:

Enhances Communication

What most sellers overlook is the power of a welcome policy to make communication and interactions generally much smoother. Here, you can reach out to a client and pass on information concerning your goods without having to go through so much stress. For example, you can clearly state that you do not take returns ten days after selling a product. This way, your client knows when and when not to reach you, in case they need an exchange.

Increases Credibility

Another good reason why you should have a welcome policy on Etsy is because it increases credibility. This means that you will be able to acquire the trust of your consumers. Through a welcome policy, you will get a second, third, or even tenth purchase from a client. If you are lucky enough, you will make more purchases as a result of recommendations from satisfied customers.

Boosts Sales

If you have been worrying about your sales, you need not worry any more. With a great welcome policy, sellers are able to keep their products moving in the market. This means that their sales are increasing. With better communication and an increase in credibility, sales are bound to increase automatically.

Attracts a Wider Market

On Etsy, you are exposed to a large market. Most of the time you are provided with a targeted audience. With an impressive welcome policy you get to engage more probable purchasers to your business. 


Welcome policies increase credibility and make interactions with prospective customers simpler. The good thing is that Etsy has made it possible to set up the policies quickly. All you need to do is ensure your company operates under the appropriate policies.

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